• May 2018

An innovative conservation partnership

The second of &Beyond’s reserves to open, Ngala Private Game Reserve was born in 1992 out of a unique three-way partnership between &Beyond, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) SA and the South African National Parks Trust (SANParks Trust).

In 1939, the Hoheisen family acquired land on the western border of the Kruger National Park in an area that was later established as the Timbavati Game Reserve. By 1995, the Timbavati Game Reserve covered some 62 000 hectares (153 205 acres), divided between 26 landowners. Hans Hoheisen donated his property, Ngala, to the WWF-SA in 1992, when tourism operations were leased out to &Beyond.

In terms of the agreement, &Beyond now leases the Ngala land from WWF SA and, in return, we pay a portion of our turnover to the SANParks Trust. This money has been used to expand some of South Africa’s smaller national parks in areas with exceptional biodiversity. The monies paid by &Beyond have enabled SANParks to establish the West Coast National Park, a high biodiversity region of international importance.

The then CEO of National Parks and CEO of Conservation Corporation, Dave Varty, concluded a mutually beneficial deal resulting in Ngala becoming the first private game reserve to be incorporated into the world-famous Kruger National Park, a model that paved the way for further private concessions within the Park.

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