• April 2019

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge: a celebration of sustainable design

Sustainability and guest comfort go hand in hand in the redesign of our Sossusvlei Desert Lodge…

Sustainability has never looked or felt this good

Sustainability and guest comfort go hand in hand in the redesign of our Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Sophisticated, environment-friendly design solutions support uncompromised luxury in a climate of extremes. In fact, it is the very harshness of the desert environment that has been harnessed to power these impact initiatives.

As an example of this wonderful inter-play between sustainability and luxury, let’s take a close look at the sustainability features of each guest suite:

  • An ingenious roof design providing optimal shade plus maximum space for unobtrusive solar panels
  • A fully independent solar hot water system
  • A highly effective grey water recycling system per suite (powered by the solar panels on the roof)
  • A rainwater harvesting tank (also powered by the solar panels on the roof)
  • When the guest suites are not in use, pool covers will be used as an evaporation control measure


Each guest suite: luxury powered by sustainability

With these sustainability measures in place, every suite is not only luxurious, but also remarkably energy efficient:

  • The suites are beautifully cool, thanks to the air conditioning which is powered by solar energy, together with the natural shade provided by the inspired roof design
  • An inviting private plunge pool is just what the doctor ordered for those hot desert days. The water recycling system throughout the lodge generates more than 100 000 litres of grey water a month, which more than offsets the evaporation from the pool surfaces
  • Outdoor rain showers, boasting 180º views, are sustainably supported by the lodge’s water recycling systems
  • Room-freezer treats of ice-creams, desert cordials, and craft beer – another solar-powered benefit
  • Privacy and extra shade, courtesy of the indigenous desert gardens being cultivated around the suites, are irrigated by the harvested rain water and recycled grey water systems


Sustainability with a fairy tale ending…happily ever after

Often the most sustainable architectural legacy is to build something that lasts, without imposing, and without needing to draw on natural resources time and time again. With this in mind, new areas have been designed using prefabricated steel sections and lightweight materials.

In the guest area, high-weathering features like the perforated steel ‘sails’, positioned to follow the course of the sun, create cool, intimate spaces of dappled light and shade. The use of renewable natural elements like existing rock, stone, and sand, mirror the surrounding dunes and gravel plains, and provide guests with an ever-present sense of place.


Fast Facts

  • All the existing main buildings were used in the reworking of the main guest area to include a spa and gym
  • Thanks to our awareness of the sensitivity of the land, we have not only taken care to cause as little impact as possible during the construction of the guest suites but we have also employed a team to ensure a full recovery programme is put into place once the build is complete

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