The World of &Beyond

A lot can happen in 30 years

Since &Beyond’s beginning in 1991, the bateleur eagle has been our company logo. With a name that means ‘acrobat’ in French, these eagles rock from side to side when they soar, mimicking the balancing act of a tight-rope walker. This is only fitting since our company ethos is all about maintaining a healthy balance of caring for the land, wildlife and people.

Our dream was born at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve 30 years ago and we have since grown and developed it to span three continents.

The Beginning

It all began at Phinda Private Game Reserve. Back in 1991, this derelict once-farmland was overgrazed, degraded and devoid of its original wildlife. With a strong conviction that this neglected land could be restored to its original splendour, including the subsequent reintroduction of all the large mammal species that originally inhabited the region; it was purchased by our founders and the rest of its journey has become conservation history.

From the outset, neighbouring Zulu communities were consulted, ensuring that their expectations and aspirations were met in a sustainable way. We established the Rural Investment Fund, now known as Africa Foundation, our non-profit community development partner since these early days.

December 2020 will go down as a major landmark in Phinda’s groundbreaking Pangolin Reintroduction Project, marking the birth of the first wild pangolin pup born in this KwaZulu-Natal region in decades.

&Beyond’s Phinda Private Game Reserve isn’t just the site of a groundbreaking pangolin reintroduction programme. It’s a testament to the power of our vision and business model. So the next time you travel with us, you can rest assured that you are helping to leave our world a better place.

Africa, Asia and South America

Our customised and luxurious itineraries throughout Africa, Asia and South America showcase the wonderful diversity of landscapes, wildlife, culture, history, and wellness that these continents’ extraordinary destinations have to offer.

&Beyond has 29 extraordinary lodges and camps in iconic safari, scenic, and island destinations in Africa and South America. We also design personalised, high-end tours in 13 African, four Asian and four South American countries.

Over the course of our journey we have won numerous accolades which acknowledge the properties under our management, our travel expertise, as well as our dedication to sustainability.

Why travel with &Beyond?

Travel Responsibly

We have been making a difference for 30 years; and it’s only because of you, our guests. Just choosing to travel with us, directly contributes to the preservation of the land, wildlife and people in the areas we operate.

Flexible Travel

We are monitoring and amending our approach to travel during these uncertain times, and provide both flexibility and security of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, with our COVID-19 Terms & Conditions.

In our hands

24/7, 5 day a week, you have access to our unique Global Concierge service, which will assist you throughout your journey, as well as give-up-to-date information on travel regulations and Covid requirements in each of our destinations.

Travel Experts

Our Travel Specialists never send a guest anywhere they haven’t been themselves. They come with a wealth of planning expertise and know the latest government regulations, border requirements and logistic possibilities.

Finest Guides

Expect the finest interpretive experience from our incredible private and specialist guides. Our city and adventure guides are hand-picked for their expertise and ability to personalise your journey.

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