• April 2019

Responding to Mozambique’s cyclone Idia

On 15 March 2019, Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall in Mozambique near the city of Beira…

Benguerra Island’s &Beyonders take action

On 15 March 2019, Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall in Mozambique near the city of Beira. Cut off from communications for a week before search and rescue teams and relief aid could be brought in, this devastating storm has affected 1.85 million people. During the storm and torrents of rain, rivers burst their banks.

On Benguerra Island…

Local communities on Benguerra Island were left with no ability to cook. &Beyond Benguerra Island responded by providing a wholesome cooked meal for more than 600 people. Their attention then turned to the Buzi region.

In the Buzi River region…

The Buzi River delta and surrounding district, as well as the town of Buzi, were some of the worst hit areas. While the initial relief efforts were focused on the 600 000 residents of the Beira area, the NGO Gift of the Givers focused their attention on this region where over 2 000 people were stranded on roofs of buildings, and unable to get through the flooded river to safety.

In response to this crisis, the &Beyond Group donated USD 5 000, to which our shareholders contributed a further USD 4 000. With these funds, &Beyonders from Benguerra Island set about purchasing the contents needed for 1 000 emergency kits.

On 28 March, a group of &Beyond Benguerra Island staff and volunteers gathered in Vilanculos to pack all these kits which included dried beans, rice, salt, sugar, maize meal, pasta, cooking pots, soap and matches. In addition, our Benguerra staff donated five 50 kg bags of clothing and bedding.

The Pungwe River area…

Over and above these efforts, our shareholders contributed USD 100 000 directly to the relief effort, together with further support and funding to Greg Carr and his Gorongosa National Park’s heli-vac initiative. This rescue effort concentrated on the hundreds of people from the park’s neighbouring communities, trapped along the upper Pungwe River area without food and safe water.

Gratitude to one and all…

It was an uplifting and humbling experience to be part of these relief efforts to assist the many thousands of people who had lost everything. Our deepest gratitude to our shareholders, each and every staff member, guest, individual, volunteer, sponsor, and of course the amazing volunteer organizations that made this all possible.

An early morning departure from &Beyond Benguerra Island

400 of the 1000 cooking pots that we managed to donate

Screwing lids onto pots so that they are ready for use on arrival in Buzi

Isaac and some volunteers from Vilanculos after packing relief bags

The &Beyonders in front of the truck filled with 2.5 tons of relief items after packing, from left to right Ramao Chissico (Laundry), Santos Macicame (Maintenance), Jorge Manhice (HR), Isaac Nhamirre (Activities) and Stephen Smith (Lodge Manager)

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