No room to breathe

Overcrowding in school classrooms is making social distancing impossible…

July 2020

Rebekah Copham, Business Development Manager for Africa Foundation, makes a compelling case for urgent and collaborative action to resolve the COVID-19 health risk of classroom overcrowding.

As governments begin to plan for the ‘new normal’ in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, overcrowding in classrooms raises worrying questions about how schools can effectively implement social distancing practices.

What will inadequate space available mean for the school schedule going forward? Without doubt, the children already most deprived of quality education will suffer the greatest as compromises are made to safely reopen schools.

Building brighter, healthier futures

It has never been more important for Africa Foundation to act fast and support rural schools with renovations to dilapidated classrooms, and the construction of new classrooms in the most overcrowded schools.

Thanks to the immense and unwavering generosity of our donors, construction is currently underway for 10 primary schools, 5 secondary schools and 14 pre-school classrooms across South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania.

With schools already re-opening, it’s a race against time to reduce the risks posed by congested spaces to students and teaching staff, and provide children with their inherent right to quality education in a safe environment.

Current Classroom Fundraising Projects:
Location of project Project name Amount still to be raised
Ngala Private Game Reserve, South Africa Muchuchi Primary School
2 new classrooms
USD 8,000
Kirkman’s Kamp / Tengile River Lodge, South Africa Kurhula Secondary School
2 new classrooms
USD 63,000
Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa Ikusasalethu Crèche
2 new classrooms
USD 40,000
Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa Nkomo Primary School
Classroom roof replacements
USD 10,000
Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar Mfurumatonga School
Renovations of classrooms
USD 17,000
Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp, Tanzania Mwamalole Pre-School
2 new classrooms
USD 13,000


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