Our Impact Coalitions

Profound change is guaranteed when like-minded organisations collaborate for the greater good

In order to support our core impact-trilogy of Care of the Land, Wildlife and People, with the pivotal element being the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences, we need to draw on the complementary skill bases of carefully selected partners to create platforms of profound change.

With the constraints of finite resources, these collaborations bring to the table a number of key functions like implementation, fundraising, governance, communication and resources, enabling us to capitalise on the ‘multiplier effect’ where one plus one equals three.

In this age of information, there is also the challenge of cutting through the ‘noise’ for our message to be seen and heard. In these instances, we’ve used platforms like our Oceans Without Borders pledge initiative, to achieve this clear definition.

An aligned value system and collective vision are fundamental to each of these partner-platforms. Our collaborative relationships, built on a platform of trust, have evolved over time, and been instrumental to our successful impact over the last 28 years.

We acknowledge these partnerships with deep gratitude, and look forward to a continued association for years to come.

Africa Foundation

Empowering communities and enabling conservation

An independent Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to empowering rural communities and &Beyond’s community development partner for over 29 years.

Rhinos Without Borders

An initiative aimed at combating the scourge of rhino poaching in Africa

A collaboration with Great Plains Foundation, dedicated to the survival of rhino through the translocation of 100 animals to Botswana strongholds.

Oceans Without Borders

Striving to catalyste positive change accross our marine footprint

In partnership with Africa Foundation, OWB expands our impact model to include care of the ocean, marine wildlife and coastal communities.

Lionscape Coalition

Securing a future for Africa's lions in the wild

A joint initiative between members of the ecotourism industry and the Lion Recovery Fund, dedicated to securing a future for Africa’s wild lions.

World Wildlife Fund

Black Rhino Range Expansion Project

A flagship project at Phinda Private Game Reserve to increase the numbers of black rhino by expanding the land available for their conservation.

African Pangolin Working Group

Pangolin conservation project at Phinda

In partnership with &Beyond Phinda, APWG is reintroducing the Temminck’s ground pangolin to a region where it has been locally extinct for decades.

Research at &Beyond

The power of research lies in its clinical objectivity.

A large body of applied research underpins our crucial conservation decisions at &Beyond – a touchstone of meticulous data on which decisions can be made.

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