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A virtual care package from our family to yours

Fernweh. Literally translated, it means ‘far-sickness’ (‘fern’ meaning ‘far’ and ‘weh’ meaning ‘pain’). As opposed to homesickness, fernweh is an ache for distant places and a constant, insatiable craving for travel.

Nothing feeds our fernweh and our need for meaningful connections more than travel. So, while the exhilarating world of travel remains (temporarily) on hold, &Beyond Connect is our virtual care package to you. So, what’s in this virtual collection?

Made with love by a tribe of travel addicts and wildlife enthusiasts, we hope this virtual ‘pick-you-up’ will keep you entertained, make you smile and encourage you to dream until we can reconnect again in person.


Hooray, our lodges are filling up and it’s all thanks to the support of our guests!

Regrettably, this means that we will have to put our &Beyond Connect Virtual Experiences temporarily on hold as our guides, chefs and wellness practitioners have been called back to full duty.

This is a double-edge sword for us as we absolutely love bringing &Beyond into your homes, offices and schools but are delighted that the tourism industry is picking up momentum again.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

WILDwatch Live

Bringing the wilderness to you

Enjoy twice-daily, three-hour game drives from the comfort of your couch.

&Beyond TV

Wildly entertaining

Grab some popcorn, download our weekly TV schedule and settle in for some inspiring at-home entertainment.

WILDchild TV

Mission Possible

Fun, educational and interactive, this series is a must-watch for all young wannabe rangers.

Experiences TV

Unscripted time with our global &Beyond family

Charmingly impromptu, these heart-warming episodes fuel the wanderlust for destinations yet to be experienced.

Protect Our Planet

Journeys to the heart of conservation

A compelling series that highlights our on-the-ground teams and their tireless dedication to conservation.


Bateleur Magazine

Stories to Inspire

Bateleur Magazine

A carefully curated collection of “I-can’t-wait-to-go-there” content.

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Fireside chats

Light a campfire and everyone becomes a storyteller

Jovial, thought-provoking fireside chats are an integral part of the &Beyond guest experience at our lodges, so we’re bringing these engaging and entertaining conversations to you in the form of weekly podcasts and virtual events.”

Some i(soul)ation fun

Add some heart and soul to your Zoom parties, work catch-ups and desktop screens with this collection of travel-inspired backgrounds



Bringing &Beyond Home

Travel is overrated anyway... said no one ever

From must-see movies and page-turner books, to upbeat music playlists and delicious local recipes, we’re bringing the spirit of Africa, Asia and South America to you (as well as some activities and ideas to keep children entertained too).




South America

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