• May 2018

Working with communities at Klein’s Camp

&Beyond Klein’s Camp leases its 10 000 hectare exclusive wildlife concession from the Ololosokwan community…

&Beyond Klein’s Camp leases its 10 000 hectare exclusive wildlife concession from the Ololosokwan community. Here the establishment of sustainable land use, wildlife management and community development programmes has created a mutually beneficial situation for &Beyond and its Maasai landlords. Facilitated by the African Wildlife Foundation, the innovative lease sets aside a part of the leased land for the exclusive use of &Beyond guests, while the remainder of the land remains available for the Maasai to graze their cattle on, as well as for safari operations. This agreement secures one of the wildlife migration routes outside of the Serengeti National Park and therefore has significant conservation value.

The Klein’s concession is operated by a joint management committee, with the villager landlords involved in the daily running of the concession and no development allowed without their consent. The fixed rental that the community receives in return serves as a powerful incentive for them to preserve the land and its wildlife.

In addition to the benefits that come from land ownership, &Beyond has also provided employment for local residents. Our sustainable ecotourism model means that 78% of Klein’s Camp staff come directly from the surrounding communities.

These close community ties have meant that development projects undertaken at Klein’s by &Beyond or its community development partner, Africa Foundation, have been particularly successful. Guest excursions to Maasai villages to learn more about the tribe and their culture also generate income for local communities, while the exquisite beadwork on sale at the &Beyond Klein’s Camp Safari Shop is also produced locally by two groups of women. Most of the vegetables served at the camp at mealtimes are sourced from the Klein’s shamba (vegetable garden), owned by a member of the local community.

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