doctor at mduku clinic close to phinda private game reserve

Mduku Clinic

A community oriented health care programme

Prior to the development of Mduku Clinic, residents living in the communities surrounding &Beyond Phinda Private Game reserve, had to travel 70km to the nearest hospital. A nurse attended the area fortnightly via a mobile clinic, which was only able to offer limited services. It was evident that there was a need to support and serve the community with well-equipped resources.

The clinic was one of Africa Foundation’s pioneer projects, in consultation with the community, and construction began in 1993 and reached completion in 1994. The generosity of Africa Foundation’s donors enabled the organisation to build three consulting rooms, a pharmacy, maternity room, post-natal care room, duty room, a dressing room and kitchen. Accommodation was also built to house nursing staff and security. This facility played a significant role in fulfilling the medical needs of 40 000 people, not only those living in Mduku, but also in the neighbouring communities of Nibela and Mnqobokazi.

Today, the clinic offers 24 hours emergency services, treating patients whose ailments range from common complaints to HIV /AIDS and Tuberculosis. A doctor visits three times a week and the clinic is serviced by other medical professionals. These include physiotherapists, dietitians, mental health clinicians and a dentist at least once a month. To accommodate the growing members of personnel, additional housing has been built on site.

The clinic plays a major role in preventing and managing HIV/AIDS in a region with disproportionately high infection rates. Antiretroviral treatment is dispensed to over 2,000 adults and 120 children. Voluntary testing and counselling services are provided, with a strong programme in place for the Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT).

Thanks to the commitment of the community to continuously improve accessibility to quality healthcare, and the ongoing support of Africa Foundation donors, the facilities and services available at Mduku Clinic have increased over the years.