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Africa Foundation

Empowering communities, enabling conservation

Africa Foundation facilitates the socio-economic development of rural communities living in, or close to, the continent’s conservation areas...

Africa Foundation aims to facilitate the empowerment and development of people living within protected wildlife areas in Africa by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and local communities, thus making these initiatives relevant to the people.

The methodology

Africa Foundation’s methodology is based on a collaborative and consultative approach with community leadership. The foundation listens to the communities’ own identified needs, and provides guidance where necessary. They continue to work directly with the community until the completion of the project, ensuring donor money and time is well invested for future generations.

Africa Foundation’s impact

The projects that Africa Foundation supports are based on two simple principles – they are grounded in community participation and are driven by local leadership.

Partnership with local stakeholders is critical for the success of the projects and the Foundation plays a pivotal role in facilitating the relationship between communities, local government and &Beyond.

Africa Foundation focuses on four key development areas:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Small business development
  • Environment and conservation

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