• April 2019

Count Down to Zero Plastic

Going beyond plastic to leave our world a better place…

Leave our world a better place

“We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet. And never before, have we had the power to do something about that. The future of humanity, and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us.”

~ David Attenborough

These words talk to the very essence of our vision ‘to leave our world a better place’ through impactful goals and initiatives that care for the land, wildlife and people, with our guest experiences always at the very heart of these endeavours.

And this is exactly what our count down to zero plastic is all about – a whole-hearted commitment to reduce the use of plastic across our operations.

Why? Because, quite simply, plastic waste is killing our environment.

Our Vision 2020
  • The installation of water bottling plants at 100% of &Beyond lodges
  • To reduce the number of plastic bottles utilised by our group by 90%
Our Status 2019
  • 62% of lodges have bottling plants
  • 95% reduction in utilization of plastic bottles

Are we winning?

Yes, we’re getting close:

  • We currently have 18 water bottling plants throughout Africa, and including one at &Beyond Vira Vira, Chile, our first South American lodge. These currently supply almost all our lodges and camps.
  • Recyclable glass water bottles have eliminated a staggering 615 298 plastic bottles per year. Our Botswana team alone has eradicated the use of 155 844 plastic bottles per year.
  • On Benguerra Island, 64 cases of plastic wrapping used for canned Coca Cola products no longer goes to landfill each month, with return-for-deposit glass bottles replacing the cans.
  • On Mnemba Island, 3 000 kg (6 613 lb) of plastic waste that washed up on the shoreline was collected by our staff in 2018 for recycling and safe disposal.
  • In East Africa, every lodge guest will now receive their very own, personalised, 550 ml durable pyrex (glass) bottle ‘for keeps’, and to take with them on their travels.
  • Moves are underway in Southern and East Africa for food-to-go glass bottles to replace the plastic bottles currently in use. Another positive here are our compostable utensils and packaging.
  • Plastic straws are no longer used at any of our lodges, and have been replaced by paper or metal alternatives.
  • Guest amenities include refillable glass bottles for shampoo, hair softener and shower gel.

And then there are our supplier initiatives…

  • Our Botswana team has come up with a stirling initiative. At our Okavango Delta lodges of Nxabega and Sandibe, the 2018 partnership with Mack Air has eliminated single-use cardboard and plastic containers with the introduction of re-usable ‘cool containers’ for the perishable produce that is flown into camp. This system will be rolled out for our other Botswana properties in 2019.
  • In our Johannesburg office, we’ve gone the ‘Happy Milk’ way, a delivery system of re-usable glass milk bottles instead of plastic, saving over 4 000 plastic bottles.

Ultimately, turning this plastic tide around will take a collective and global effort. As a guest of &Beyond, you are already supporting us in these zero-plastic endeavours.


Leaving our world a better place
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