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Welcome to Vira Vira

Located in the picturesque Araucanía region of Chile’s Lake District, homeland of the courageous Mapuche people, is a spectacular 22-hectare (34-acre) estate: Vira Vira. Dramatic landscapes of breathtaking glacial lakes mirror the snowy tips of nearby volcanoes, while within the rainforests gracing the surrounding national parks, evergreen Araucaria araucana (monkey puzzle) trees, some over 1 000 years old, stand tall. This region is both the gateway to Patagonia, and a thrilling adventure haven.

Immersed on an expansive, forested estate with 822 m (2 696 ft) of river frontage and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Villarica Volcano, this magnificent wooden lodge is themed in beauty. Enormous windows frame exquisite outlooks, while vibrant wall tapestries, hand-woven textiles and other traditional artefacts colour the interior décor. Signature features include a modern working farm, organic farm-to-table vegetable garden, on-site boutique cheese factory and two outdoor hot tubs.

Ideally appointed accommodation, overlooking either the estate surrounds or the Liucura River, includes six cosy suites, 12 split-level villas with a separate living room, and a five-bedroom, sole-use Hacienda for up to 10 guests. Ensuite bathrooms include a separate bath and walk-in shower. Floor to ceiling windows fills the spacious wooden interiors with natural light. Each guest unit is individually decorated with a selection of curated objects and richly-textured rugs, wall hangings and fabric.

Why we love it


Mealtimes are undoubtedly one of the main highlights of the lodge – an extravagant and mouth-watering affair! Discover the flourishing organic vegetable garden, and relish sublime farm-to-table dining with fresh produce and ingredients. The estate even boasts a modern cheese factory.


The spectacular and diverse terrain surrounding the lodge lends itself to a wide range of seasonal adventures – a collection of 39 activities and experiences, hosted by expert and engaging guides. All excursions will be specifically tailored around your particular interests and personal fitness levels.


Head to the snow-filled winter playground of Vira Vira. There is something for enthusiasts of every age and ability: from heli-skiing to snowshoeing, snowboarding to snowmobiling, ski packages and ski lessons. Where else in the world can you enjoy these activities on an active volcano?


Explore the fascinating cultural and culinary heritage of Chile’s indomitable Mapuche people. Enjoy lunch at a traditional ruka (house) and learn about their unique ways of life first hand. Visit a Mapuche weaver and watch her time-honoured traditional skill as she works with the loom.

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