Africa Foundation COVID-19 Campaign

Building the resilience of 73 rural communities across 6 countries in Africa

COVID-19 arrived in Africa in late February 2020, and its effects have been felt throughout the continent

For Africa Foundation (AF), this crisis necessitated a new set of priorities to build the resilience of the vulnerable rural communities neighbouring our lodges, and the AF COVID-19 Campaign was created comprising six areas of focus:

  • Clinic Support
  • Water Access
  • Food Assistance
  • Business Support
  • School PPE
  • Classrooms

Many of these are short to medium term initiatives outside Africa Foundation’s standard focus, in which they are working with other stakeholders and existing food banks.

2020 Milestones :

  • 73 Communities supported
  • 7 134 Food parcels distributed in Southern Africa
  • 24 Rural clinics across all regions assisted
  • 36 Schools and crèches across all regions supported
  • 14 Boreholes repaired / drilled across all regions
  • 11 000 Villagers benefit from new clinic in Zanzibar
  • 215 Hippo Water Rollers funded
  • 5 040 Vegetable-garden starter packs
  • 1 300 Kenyan community members receive food support
  • 511,934 USD raised towards COVID-19 projects in 2020
  • Phase 1 Moya-Moyoka Secondary High School completed


What was raised in 2020?

USD 511,934

Thanks to the rapid mobilised efforts of &Beyond and the AF teams in SA, UK and USA, USD 511,934 has been raised to date.

Funds deployed to date:

Clinic support

USD 108,892

Water access

USD 94,931

Food assistance

USD 257,103

Business support

USD 27,884

School PPE

USD 11,060


USD 12,064