20 most-liked wildlife photos

Here are the 20 most-liked wildlife photos taken by rangers on our Instagram account…

Social media. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely here to stay. Let’s be honest. Most of us use it, whether we like to openly admit it or not. Some connect to it all day every day, almost intravenously, while others will deny vehemently that they ever even look at it. But the reality is that everywhere you look, people are on their phones. And while many will declare social media a colossal time-waster, many others depend on it for their livelihood.

At &Beyond, we love social media! It enables us to spread that oh-so infectious travel bug and lets us inspire people around the world to dream, explore, discover and reconnect. It allows us to engage personally with our cherished guests, before they travel and long after they have returned home with memories to last a lifetime. It also gives us a much-needed platform to educate people about conservation and communities. And most of all, social media enables us to tell our story.

If you have travelled with &Beyond, then you will most likely not only remember, but probably still be in touch with your guide. Our world-class guides form such an integral part of the &Beyond experience and are celebrated as the industry’s finest. Renowned for their natural gift of the gab, we are told it is their intuitive knack for storytelling and respecting wildlife that keeps bringing our guests back for more.

Effortlessly, these enthusiastic men and women capture our wildest imaginations. They connect us with nature and captivate our minds with their encyclopaedic knowledge. Their enthusiasm is contagious and through their eyes, we learn about the animal kingdom. Many of our guides are keen photographers and long before and after your safari, you can experience the indescribable beauty of nature through their eyes via our social media platforms.

Today, we celebrate the Top 20 most-liked wildlife photographs of all time taken by &Beyond rangers on our @andbeyondtravel Instagram account. May they distract you from the humdrum and monotony of city life and inspire you to book your next outdoor adventure.


Andrew Schoeman


Steve Walker


Matt Murray
Location Undisclosed for Security Purposes


Scott Yammin


Joseph Kima


James Walker


Matt Poole


Matt Poole


Tim Kiok


Scott Yammin


Daryl Dell


Roan du Plessis


Amy McMillan


Jason Glanville



Matt Poole


Matt Murray


Daryl Dell


Brett Devitt
Steve Walker


Matt Murray


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