Beyond average Luxury Family Travel

We’re not just about showing your family the world, we’re about immersing you in it.

Discover the world’s last remaining unspoilt places in Africa, Asia and South America, on family adventures that can be tailored for the young and young at heart.

There are two kinds of family traveller. The kind that travels to see the world, and the kind that travels to understand it. What kind are you?

Family offers

Save up to 50%

Now you can enjoy family travel that doesn’t cost the earth, with savings of up to 50% for children travelling under the age of 16; at all &Beyond family-friendly lodges.

  • Africa

Family Safari offer

Available at &Beyond‘s safari lodges

  • Africa

Private Vehicle offer

Available at &Beyond’s safari lodges

  • South America

Family Adventure offer

Available at &Beyond Vira Vira

  • Africa / Indian Ocean Islands

Family Island offer

Available at &Beyond’s island lodges

Our WILDchild Programme

&BEYOND’s WILDChild programme, designed especially for children visiting our safari lodges and camps, is filled with fun, interactive activities that offer opportunities to learn and discover new experiences and cultures.



Eco-guide Challenge journeys

Teenagers and their parents get to reconnect and make an impact

Nature is my classroom

Learn from one of the greatest teachers of them all – Mother Nature.

During these uncertain times, we have removed the hurdle of juggling schoolwork with a much-needed adventure (for the whole family). Many parents are opting to “work from holiday”.

While you work away, your children can embark on our WILDchild Programme or connect to their virtual classroom, ensuring that they don’t miss out on any school. We will happily tailor your children’s programme times to fit in with their schedule. As we like to say: Nature’s classroom is a million times better than any textbook! Immersing your young ones in an environment, teeming with natural wonders; meeting local cultures, and embracing their customs offers unmatched enrichment opportunities.

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Whether it’s a safari in Africa, a journey around beautiful South America or vibrant Asia, family travel is one of our many specialities!

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Why travel with &Beyond?

Travel Responsibly

We have been making a difference for 30 years. When you and your family choose to travel with us, it directly contributes to the preservation of the areas we operate. Your children may arrive as tourists but will leave as ambassadors for our planet, its wildlife and its wonderful cultures.


Yes, our beautiful destinations are often remote; however, you and your family can be rest assured that your safety is our number one priority. Whether its logistical, health-related, wildlife encounters or fun-filled experiences, we will make sure that you can relax and enjoy your adventures.

In our hands

24/7, 5 day a week, you have access to our unique Global Concierge service, which will assist you and your family throughout your journey, as well as give-up-to-date information on travel regulations and COVID19 requirements in each of our destinations.

Travel Experts

Our Travel Specialists never send a guest anywhere they haven’t been themselves. They come with a wealth of family travel expertise and know the latest government regulations, border requirements and logistic possibilities.

Finest Guides

Expect the finest interpretive experience from our private and specialist guides, who will tailor your family’s journey to include wonderful moments of learning and opportunities to immerse in new cultures.