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Becoming a Ranger

Calling all rangers in the making

The heroes of any safari are without doubt our khaki-clad field guides with their seemingly magical abilities to find animals from smudges left in the dirt, or to navigate impossible obstacles with their powerful 4×4 vehicles. They spout fascinating facts about every bird, insect or reptile they find, and are founts of unlimited knowledge on animal behaviour. Theirs is a trade all young minds secretly wish to master….and the good news is now they can.

In this series, we’ll teach all you rangers-in-the-making everything you need to know on your mission to become a ranger. Got your sunnies? Then let’s go….


Episode 9

Identifying the Sycamore Fig

Tree-lover Josh van der Ploeg captivates us with another iconic tree species in the next installment of Identifying Trees on Becoming a Ranger. This time it’s the enchanted Sycamore Fig with its powdery yellow bark, green pigeons attendants and a secret relationship with fig fairies (wasps).

Episode 8

Tracks & Signs

Jarryd deciphers more of the clues passing animals have left in the sand. In this week’s edition of Becoming a Ranger: Tracks and Signs, he shows us how to recognise some of the more familiar species footprints and also how to tell similar tracks apart.

Episode 7

How to drive a 4x4

In this edition of Becoming a Ranger, Clive Cowie lets us in on some of the secrets of navigating the bush in a 4×4, including how to drive with no hands and while looking over your shoulder! Nifty tricks for sure! Just don’t try this at home kids!

Episode 6

How an animal works: Giraffe

To better understand how a giraffe does what it does, we journey under its skin and explore the secrets its skull can reveal about its body and adaptation.

Episode 5

Birds and Birding

Is birding really just an outing for boring people? Our &Beyond guides would argue not! In this week of “Becoming a Ranger”, Our &Beyond guide, Brendon White, teaches us the basics of becoming a birder and throws in a first few feathered treasures too.

Episode 4

Leopard behaviour

Join &Beyond guide, Matthew Smith, and learn how guides identify individual leopards at Kirkman’s Kamp, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa. And discover how this helps to conserve this illusive cat in South Africa.

Ranger Missions

It has been our goal to bring the fun-filled learning, associated with travel, into your homes by introducing your children to our Becoming a Ranger series and the accompanying thought-provoking missions your young ones can do at home.


Introducing our WILDchild guides

Jarryd du Preez

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Josh van der Ploeg

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Nikki Muller

Ngala Private Game Reserve

Matthew Smith

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Brendon White

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Damen Pheiffer

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Clive Cowie

Phinda Private Game Reserve

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WILDchild Yoga

Lion-size fun with animals and yoga

We all connect with nature in our own way. For some, a run in the outdoors is the perfect way to invigorate mind and body, for others a more subtle connection is preferred, like breathing in the deep shade of an ancient tree. In WILDchild TV: Yoga we offer our nature-loving wild children the mechanism to stretch like a giraffe, bend with the wind and sun themselves like lizards all in the sanctity of their own homes. This series offers a virtual connection with nature and a physical connection to our bodies through movement. Aimed at 9-14 year olds, any young person and even those just young-at-heart, can join in.

Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1