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It's not goodbye, but see you later

The world is opening up and our wonderful guests are starting to travel again. While this is welcome news for the wild places that we support and the animals and people that call them home, it means that we need to do a little readjusting to make sure that we can fully focus on both our real-life guests and our virtual ones.

In order to do this, we have put our &Beyond Connect Virtual Experiences temporarily on hold as we find the right balance to ensure our guides, chefs and wellness practitioners can meet the expectations of all our online and offline guests.

We promise we will do our best to ensure that this is not a final goodbye, but simply a ‘see you later’.

Let’s delve a little deeper

A privately guided safari virtually in your living room!


Ok, this is the real deal… some one on one time with an expert &Beyond guide who will take you on a 1hr 30min virtual safari drive, in the privacy of your own home.

Your guide will take you step by step through a recording of one of the latest WILDwatch Live episodes, taking the time to answer your questions whilst expertly interpreting the sightings along the way.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the things that interest you the most…perhaps its lions or conserving wildlife, or even the little things like frogs. Take the time to enjoy this exclusive chat with your guide.

This is a private Zoom virtual session, which you can either enjoy exclusively or you can send the link to five of your friends and family to join. Max 12 guests via 6 private links.

Great for the whole family

Private group of no more than 6 links, selected by you

Special interests: species specific, birding, conservation etc.

Get exclusive access to the &Beyond guiding experience

Why is the virtual safari based on a recording and not live?

Your virtual experience is delivered by an expert &Beyond guide, who will interpret a recent recording of a WILDwatch Live drive.

Our Wildwatch live broadcasts are 3 hours and your virtual experience is 1h30 min. The reason the private virtual safari cannot be on a live drive is due to the following reasons:

  • The WILDwatch Live broadcast is from five different destinations, this allows for there to be something interesting on the screen for the whole drive, which is important for a virtual safari as watching a guide driving for an hour is not as engaging on screen as it is in real life.
  • The WILDwatch Live broadcast comes to you from; &Beyond Ngala and Phinda Private Game Reserves, Djuma Private Game Reserve, Tswalu and Karongwe (Pridelands) Game Reserve
  • The live safaris can only show a sighting if they have cell signal – so a live drive may find an animal and not be able to show you because there is no signal. The five different destinations solve this issue as well.
  • The WILDwatch Live drives are at very specific times of the day. So, in order to accommodate various time zones, the recorded live drives allow us to present content that was recorded live at a time that works for you.
  • Your guide prepares for the drive by selecting the best parts of the 3 hours and ensures that you have a choice as to where your virtual experience goes. The recording also offers your guide the possibility of pausing to point out additional facts or to answer questions.

Meet the team

Your virtual guides at &Beyond


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