Experiences TV

Unscripted time with our global &Beyond family

This home-grown series is not defined by clever camera angles and impeccable sound quality, but by the warm welcome and generous spirit that our &Beyonders are renowned for. This is your chance to spend time in the kitchen with our chefs as they talk you through the creation of delicious traditional dishes, toast the sunset with a celebration of freshly mixed sundowners, or let your imagination adventure with our guides to destinations still to be seen and activities yet to experience.

Moments, and places, for your bucket list

Charmingly impromptu, these heart-warming episodes are designed, quite simply, to make you smile and to fuel that voracious travel bug within you.

The quintessential safari sundowner

By the time you’ve watched William de Jager, Lodge Manager at &Beyond Phinda Homestead whisk up a Six Dogs G&T with inimitable style and ever-lovable humour, you will not only have revolutionised your ideas of this iconic mix, but you will also have enjoyed a good laugh.

&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Travel deep into Namibia’s Namib Desert, to a seemingly endless and ethereal landscape of towering sand dunes and mysterious fairy circles. Here, under an impossibly starry night sky, you’ll find the luxurious &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge – a serene oasis where time stands still.

&Beyond Vira Vira, Chile

Join renowned executive chef, Damián Fernández Dupuoy, in the Chilean kitchen as he shares the secrets behind one of his signature dishes. Using fresh veggies straight from the garden, Damián’s flavourful sea bass and organic vegetables dish is a guest favourite.

Sand Forest Walk

Who doesn’t love the idea of an enchanted forest? While one is unlikely to find mythical creatures in the Sand Forest of &Beyond Phinda, finding all kinds of mystifying organisms is definitely a possibility. Explore this unique and beautiful habitat on foot and take a stroll with us as &Beyond guide, Clive Cowie, shares the secrets of this unique and endangered forest.

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Food Fundis

From our kitchens (and bars) to yours

The vibrant flavours and influences of Africa and South America come alive with our cooking and cocktail demonstrations, hosted by our famous chefs, lodge managers, and barmen.

Protect our Planet

Learn from our conservation heroes

At &Beyond we strive to leave our world a better place for the wildlife, land and people under our custodianship. Our informative Protect our Planet episodes are hosted by experts in each category.