Experiences TV

Unscripted time with our global &Beyond family

This home-grown series is not defined by clever camera angles and impeccable sound quality, but by the warm welcome and generous spirit that our &Beyonders are renowned for. This is your chance to spend time in the kitchen with our chefs as they talk you through the creation of delicious traditional dishes, toast the sunset with a celebration of freshly mixed sundowners, or let your imagination adventure with our guides to destinations still to be seen and activities yet to experience.

Moments, and places, for your bucket list

Charmingly impromptu, these heart-warming episodes are designed, quite simply, to make you smile and to fuel that voracious travel bug within you.


Mini Mara Safari

Masai Mara Game Reserve

Take a game drive onto the endless plains of the Masai Mara to see what the savanna has in store.

Virtual Experiences


Food Fundis

Africa | South America

The vibrant flavours and influences of Africa and South America come alive with our cooking demonstrations, hosted by our famous chefs and lodge managers.


Protect our Planet

Learn from our conservation heroes

This virtual experience offers the exciting opportunity to learn more about the conservation and sustainability practices that are helping to leave our world a better place.
Our informative Protect our Planet episodes are hosted by experts in each category, who you will have the chance to meet and engage with.

  • USD 250 | 1.5 HOURS | PRIVATE GROUP OF 6

My WILDwatch Online

Private Virtual Safari

Have the luxury of sitting in on a virtual session with an expert &Beyond guide who will interpret the incredible sightings of a recorded WILDwatch Live drive with you. This is a slightly more interpretive experience, allowing the opportunity to really deep dive into recorded sightings as well as offering the opportunity to discuss topics of special interest.

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Leaving our world a better place for years

Discover the impact legacy that your travel with &BEYOND is driving. Just as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have been a touchstone for our Vision 2020 group-operation sustainability audits, so they continue to guide and underpin our ambitiously scaled Vision 2030 goals.