Protect our planet

Journeys to the heart of conservation

&Beyond’s mantra “Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People” is at the very heart of our Protect our Planet series. Shaped into four, conservation-centred sub-series, this collection connects viewers with our on-the-ground teams, our conservation and community collaboration and ongoing research work in the field.

Conservation SOS (Save our Species)

Spotlights the various charismatic yet vulnerable wildlife species that occur on &Beyond properties in a way that highlights these truly remarkable animals, and draws attention to both the the plights affecting them and the considerable efforts to conserve them.

Conservation in Action

A rare, behind-the-scenes look at what our conservation teams are doing on a daily basis to actively manage and protect both wildlife and land in our reserves, and maintain that fine balance needed to preserve biodiversity.

Conservation Experiences

An exclusive window into the world of the adventurous, critical conservation activities that &Beyond guests have the option to participate in. Be warned – these experiences are guaranteed to be transformational.

Blue Conservation

Dive with us into the blue magnificence of underwater worlds. Discover what Hope Spots are; learn why Blue Carbon is the way of the future, and how global research collaborations are shaping the sustainability of our planet’s greatest commons – our oceans.

Conservation in action

Episode 1

Rhino Calf Rescue

The current plight of rhinos is well known. Each and every one is a precious resource. So what happens when a rhino calf is in trouble? Watch the &Beyond Phinda Conservation Team respond – a rare window on the inspiring world of conservation in action.

Episode 2

Bird ringing

Birds have that enviable quality of being able to fly wherever they like but their airborne lifestyle makes it very hard for us to understand them well and the factors that affect their wellbeing. If we don’t know how long a species lives for, where it flies to overwinter or what habitat it prefers to use and when, how do we conserve birds and the natural areas they need to survive? Thank goodness for dedicated bird ringers like James Rawdon and Lara Mansfield. With the data they collect, we are gradually gaining better insight into the wonderful world of birds.

Episode 3

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