Africa Foundation COVID-19 Campaign

Building the resilience of 73 rural communities across 6 countries in Africa

COVID-19 arrived in Africa in late February and its effects have been felt throughout the continent

For Africa Foundation (AF), this crisis necessitated a new set of priorities to build the resilience of the vulnerable rural communities neighbouring our lodges, and the AF COVID-19 Campaign was created comprising six areas of focus:

  • Clinic Support
  • Water Access
  • Food Assistance
  • Business Support
  • School PPE
  • Classrooms

Many of these are short to medium term initiatives outside Africa Foundation’s standard focus, in which they are working with other stakeholders and existing foodbanks.

Milestones over the past 6 months:

  • 73 Communities supported
  • 3 509 Food parcels distributed
  • 24 Rural clinics assisted
  • 11 000 Villagers benefit from new clinic
  • 115 Hippo Water Rollers funded
  • 350 Vegetable-garden starter packs
  • 492,931 USD towards COVID-19 projects
  • Phase 1 Moya-Moyoka Secondary High School completed

What has been raised to date?

USD 492,931

Thanks to the rapid mobilised efforts of &Beyond and the AF teams in SA, UK and USA, USD 492,931 has been raised to date. This total includes an amount of USD 14,811 which is pending allocation i.e. to be utilised for priority needs over the coming months.

Funds deployed to date:

Clinic support

USD 84,609

Water access

USD 87,954

Food assistance

USD 248,778

Business support

USD 27,884

School PPE

USD 11,060


USD 17,835

September update

  • The following is a breakdown per country of the AF COVID-19 Campaign projects
  • The amounts needed to complete those projects not yet fully funded are indicated
  • Based on current project needs, a target amount of USD 185,612 is still required

What is still needed?

USD 185,612

Clinic Support

Fully funded

Water Access

South Africa
USD 11,252

Total needed
USD 11,252

Food Assistance

USD 3,706

USD 2,103

USD 31,075

USD 27,102

Total needed
USD 63,986

Small business support

South Africa
USD 11,860

Total needed
USD 11,860

School PPE

South Africa
USD 466

USD 350

USD 1,604

Total needed
USD 2,420


South Africa
USD 96,094

Total needed
USD 96,094



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