Africa Foundation COVID-19 Campaign

Building the resilience of 73 rural communities across 6 countries in Africa


COVID-19 arrived in Africa in late February and its effects have been felt throughout the continent

For Africa Foundation (AF), this crisis necessitated a new set of priorities to build the resilience of the vulnerable rural communities neighbouring our lodges, and the AF COVID-19 Campaign was created comprising four areas of focus:

  • Clinic Support
  • Water Access
  • Food Assistance
  • Business Support

Many of these are short to medium term initiatives outside Africa Foundation’s standard focus, in which they are working with other stakeholders and existing foodbanks.

What has been raised to date?

USD 158,169

Thanks to the rapid mobilizing efforts of &Beyond and the AF teams in SA, UK and USA, the following amounts have been raised to date and and allocated / deployed to respond to the most urgent needs:

Clinic support:

USD 61,164

Water access:

USD 33,325

Food assistance:

USD 62,480

Business support:

USD 1,200

May update

  • The following is a breakdown per country of the AF COVID-19 Campaign projects
  • The amounts needed to complete those projects not yet fully funded are indicated
  • Based on current project needs, a target amount of USD 195,446 is still required

What is still needed?

USD 195,446

Water Access

South Africa: USD 7,500

Botswana: Fully funded

Total: USD 7,500

Clinic Support

South Africa: USD 7,070

Mozambique: Fully funded

Tanzania: USD 3,396

Kenya: Fully funded

Total: USD 10,466

Food Assistance

South Africa: USD 25,110

Namibia: USD 25,550

Botswana: USD 13,670

Mozambique: USD 67,800

Kenya: USD 18,550

Total: USD 150,680

Small business support

South Africa: USD 26,800

Total: USD 26,800




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