Safari game drive in Yala National Park

Enjoy a spectacular safari game drive brimming with wildlife

The essence of a safari game drive in Yala National Park

A huge drawcard for Yala National Park in the south eastern region of Sri Lanka is their wildlife safari with game drives from dawn across a landscape of grassy plains, low scrub, woods and brackish lagoons. Be captivated by Sri Lankan leopards, wild elephant, spotted deer, buffalo, wild pig, stripe-necked and ruddy mongooses, grey langur monkey, toque monkey, golden jackal and Indian palm civet. If you are lucky enough you may get to see elusive sloth bear, water buffalo and the endangered sambar deer with your experienced naturalist guide.

You can also spot crocodiles and land monitor lizards near rivers and pools, storks ay the lagoon edge, over 130 species of dazzling birdlife perched in leafy trees and fantailed peacocks strutting in the woods. Several beaches are used as nest sites of sea turtle, Olive Ridley and leatherback in Sri Lanka waters, however access to these beaches is restricted.

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