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Three temples loop in Kandy

The essence of the Three temples loop in Kandy

If you are up for a very rewarding challenge, slip on your walking shoes and embark on a journey to three compelling temples. Located in the central highlands, just a few kilometers to the south west of Kandy, a seven-kilometer path links the Embekke, Lankathilake and Gadaladeniya Temples.

Meandering on your merry way, the path takes you past fertile lush rice fields and through small bustling towns revealing colourful houses and explosions of vibrant saris worn by local women. En- route you will be greeted by many friendly and enthusiastic locals and stop to chat in local tea stalls. The three temples can also be conveniently linked by car.

Gadaladeniya Temple

Famous for its beautiful stone carvings, this temple was built on a flat rock at Diggala in the 14th Century. Faded paintings from around that time provide many clues as to the manner in which the temple was built. The architecture is South Indian, so the general belief is that the workers were also brought from abroad.


The majestic Lankathilake Vihare, believed to be one of the most magnificent architectural edifices in the Gampola kingdom, was built at the crest of a large rock named Panhalgala overlooking the Hantane mountain range in the Hiripitiya hamlet in Udunuwara.

Embekke Devalaya

Embekke Devalaya, is a wooden temple situated in the Ambakka village, three kilometres from the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. It was built in the 14th century by King Wickremabahu III. Adjacent to the main temple, is a gedige (circular temple roof, raised off the ground by pillars) and inside the temple is a courtyard where originally the Hewisi drums and trumpet were played during the ceremonies.

Visiting all three temples with a car will take about 2½ hours. The best time to visit is the morning, your &Beyond guide will accompany you throughout the tour.

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