Tea Estate tour in Galle

Explore the fragrant Handunugoda Tea Estate and Factory

The essence of a visit to Handunugoda Tea Estate and Factory

Delve into the fragrant art of tea making on an interpretive journey to the Handunugoda Tea Estate and Factory. Discover how Sri Lanka’s famous White Virgin tea is plucked, created and transformed into a world-renowned blend. The exceptional estate is well-known for two things: being called the Virgin White Tea Factory and the fact that it is so close to the sea. Ancient Chinese ritual reveals that this pure white tea was never touched by human skin, instead was cut, and not plucked, by virgins who offered the tea to the Emperor. Said to be the healthiest tea in the world, and abundant in antioxidants, it is also one of the most exclusive. End your fascinating excursion with a taste of this sacred tea that you can also purchase at the charming shop.

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