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Built by the Portuguese on the coast of Sri Lanka in the 16th century and modified in the 17th century by the Dutch, Galle Fort is a historic testament to the significant European influence in South East Asia. Explore this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the Dutch Fort, a fortified city shaped by Dutch-colonial style buildings and crumbling remnants of ancient, Portuguese and British times. Impressive bastions and ramparts that have stood for over three centuries protect a Dutch enclave that today is a vibrant area, complete with courts, schools, administrative buildings, churches and hotels in whitewashed Dutch buildings. Top notch restaurants, art galleries, craft boutiques and handicrafts line the labyrinth of charming streets, narrow laneways and atmospheric alleyways. Stroll through the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex, shop for textiles on Peddler Street, visit the Dutch Reform Church, All Saints Anglican Church, Meeran Mosque and the Buddhist Sudharmalaya Temple.

Tuck into delicious treats with a local family who have lived in the Fort for generations in their ancient Dutch house and let your imagination drift as you hear stories of their ancestors and the living legacy of this well preserved monument.


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