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A few miles west of Polonnaruwa is the fascinating Medirigiriya. Dating back to the Anuradhapura period, a massive monastery complex Medirigiriya Watadageya stood here and today the main attraction is the Medirigiriya Vatadage (ancient structure). Once a place of worship, this ancient structure with a stupa (hemispherical structure containing relics) in the middle was built on a small rock circled by three concentric rings of pillars and four Buddhist statues that are all still intact, brahmi characters are etched in the stone, however the stupa (hemispherical structure containing relics) no longer remains.

Several constructions are found around the main structure including Pichcha-mal Viharaya, image houses with forms of the Buddha, a stupa (hemispherical structure containing relics) house with Buddha in a resting pose and a beheh oruwa (medicine boat). Meander around the surroundings and see ponds, a cave, an ancient hospital, ruins and historical artefacts. A fascinating architectural location, Medirigiriya is a fine example of stone craft. Set in a natural reserve it offers a tranquillity that make visiting worthwhile.

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