Hurulu Forest Reserve

Traverse the Hurulu Forest Reserve seeking out massive herds of elephant

The essence of Hurulu Forest Reserve

Originally created as a biosphere reserve in 1977, this thriving ecosystem is abundant with wildlife and famous for massive herds of elephant. This tropical dry evergreen forest is a fundamental habitat for the Sri Lankan elephant. These migratory mammals move between the forests from Minneriya and Kaudula national parks towards the nearby Hurulu Forest Reserve in the dry season and can be seen dotted amongst the tall grasses and scrub jungle vegetation.
Other large animals found here include jackal, spotted deer, tufted gray langur and toque macaque, while a variety of birds fly in the dry-zone including Indian roller, Sri Lanka jungle fowl, Indian peafowl, blue-tailed and green bee-eaters. Raptors such as changeable hawk eagle, crested serpent eagle and shikra may also be seen. Your &BEYOND guide will know where the elephants can be found and as always with Mother Nature, activities are weather-dependent.

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