tuk-tuks in colombo sri lanka

Ride in a tuk tuk off the beaten track in a three-wheeled chariot

Tuk Tuk tour of Colombo

The essence of a tuk tuk tour of Colombo

An incredibly exciting, exhilarating way to navigate your way around the real rustic city is in a tuk tuk. Prepare yourself for non-stop dodging people, buses, lorries, bullock carts, bikes, and other tuk tuks. Assisted by a trained, English-speaking driver in a safe environment, this is an incredibly fun way to head off the beaten track and explore parts of Colombo that are not seen on the usual tourist trail. Engage with your guide, who very quickly becomes your friend as they divulge stories, memories and impart knowledge of their Colombo.

Delve into unusual and quirky areas and explore an authentic Colombo, where only locals roam. This unusual way of learning about and exploring the interesting parts of Colombo City is incredibly memorable as you zig zag through traffic, quick and nimble and putter down beautiful tree-lined streets.

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