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Rajasthan, land of the maharaja, is a bejewelled, captivating destination for cultural, historical and photographic explorations. Delve into one of India’s largest, most colourful states and explore fairy-tale palaces and imposing forts, kaleidoscopic whirls of dazzling colours and exquisite ancient cities rising out the golden dunes in the desert.

Once ruled by the mighty Rajput warriors, the state of Rajasthan boasts striking temples and shrines set amidst meticulously landscaped gardens and sparkling lakes. Diverse scenery ranges from arid sand dunes and craggy hills to lush forests, prolific with wildlife and birdlife, to deep, brilliant blue lakes.

Scintillating and vibrant, the dynamic culture is revealed in the whirling market places, displaying opulent craftwork, intricate jewellery design and richly embroidered garments. A tapestry woven through generations, this is one of India’s iconic destinations.

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