Statue of Maitreya Buddha in Ladakh, India


The region of Ladakh stretches along the northern border of India, covering the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya Mountains. Boasting magnificent mountain panoramas as well as clear cobalt lakes, it is an area of stark natural beauty. Known as Little Tibet or the Roof of the World, Ladakh has its own fascinating culture and identity. Heavily influence by Tibetan Buddhism, picturesque monasteries and whitewashed stupas, or monuments, dramatically cling rocky outcrops or balance over steep precipices. Colourful prayer flags flutter in the wind, while prayer wheels decorate important landmarks and intersections. This dramatic and seemingly barren mountain landscape is home to a number of endangered species, the best known of which is the shy and elusive snow leopard. Traditional festivals take place at a number of Ladakh’s bigger cities and monasteries, featuring colourful local costumes, as well as distinctive music and chanting. Breath-taking mountain treks and thrilling river rafting opportunities are available for more adventurous travellers.

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