Why visit Yala National Park?

Discover the spectacular wilderness of Yala National Park

Travel to Yala National Park

Discover the spectacular wilderness of Yala National Park, the core of a contiguous system of nine connected protected areas, and home to much of Sri Lanka’s magnificent wildlife. With Block 1 dating back to 1900, this wildlife sanctuary has grown over the years. Nestled in the south-east corner of Sri Lanka, the park is home to a high concentration of leopards. Yala also shelters an abundance of Asian elephant, wild buffalo, sloth bear, jackal, sambar deer, and magnificent bird species. An aerial view of Yala features infinite hues of green, made up of a gently undulating carpet of jungle and open plains, dotted with sparkling waterholes and lakes. Concealed within the park is evidence of ancient kingdoms, where crumbling relics remain hidden in the forest.

There are several accommodation options available around Yala National Park including Wild Coast, Chena Huts, Leopard Safaris, and Kulu Safaris Tented Camp, all excellent choices for those looking to stay close to one of the park entrances.

Activities and points of interest in Yala National Park

  • Marvel at the jungle’s diverse population of wildlife and enjoy exciting activities

Yala National Park is home to an extensive variety of 44 varieties of mammal and over 215 bird species, including at least 7 endemics. Among the residents are one of the highest densities of elusive leopards, resident herds of majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted deer, and crocodiles. A range of exciting activities are offered at our partner properties on the edge of Yala National Park including private safaris, nature walks, kayaking in one of the large lakes, and visiting archaeological ruins.

  • Keep your binoculars at hand as the park offers an exceptional array of birdlife

A kaleidoscope of colour, Yala is home to over 215 bird species. The endemics include the Sri Lanka wood pigeon, Si Lanka Swallow, Sri Lanka Wood-shrike, and Sri Lanka grey hornbill. Look for the black-necked stork wading in the wetlands and the colourful forest Old World flycatchers and Asian paradise-flycatcher taking flight.

  • Explore ancient temple relics

If you have a special interest in archaeology, we can organise a more focused programme looking at the sites of stupas, including the impressive Akasha Chaithya (Elephant Rock) surmounted by a 2nd century BC stupa, the Magul Maha Vihatiya, and some of the ruined tanks (water bodies).


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