October 2021

Border & vaccine updates | 30th anniversary celebrations

Keeping you in the know…

Travel-ready destinations

A world of vibrant cultures, iconic wildlife, and award-winning accommodation awaits. The below is a brief summary of COVID-19 requirements in our destinations of operation in Asia.

Border Updates as of 19 October 2021

✅ Bhutan is open for travel

Visa procedures

Visas must be applied for via a licensed Bhutanese tour operator. Please contact us should you require further information.

Vaccination and other entry requirements
Vaccinated travellers:
  • 14-day quarantine in a designated quarantine facility (selected hotels).
  • Travellers must have a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by a laboratory certified to carry out RT-PCR test, not earlier than 72 hours before embarking the journey from the country of origin
Unvaccinated travellers:
  • All unvaccinated travellers must undergo a 21-day quarantine
  • The traveller has to bear the cost for all tests as per the COVID-19 requirement while in the facility

✅ Sri Lanka is open for travel

Visa procedures

All visitors need to apply for a visa online prior to travel. They can do so here.

Vaccination and other entry requirements
  • Travellers need to carry a negative COVID-19 PCR report (in English) taken within 72-hours prior to embarkation and produce it at the airport
  • Fully-vaccinated travellers do not need to buy the SL Insurance Policy, but must have a policy to cover all expenses
  • Non-vaccinated arrivals must purchase a local policy covering USD 50,000 and that is valid for one month. This costs USD12 and can be purchased at the airport on arrival or in advance online
Fully vaccinated travellers:
  • At least 14-days should have passed since the last dose of vaccination. Thereafter, travellers are free to travel anywhere within Sri Lanka
Unvaccinated or half-vaccinated travellers:
  • Need to travel in a bio-bubble which includes 100+ Level One Hotels and can visit sites at fixed times and subject to prior approval

✅ Nepal is open for travel

Visa procedures
  • Before travelling, the traveller will be required to fill out the required form found here
  • Travellers are advised to keep a printout of the form and also a screenshot on their mobile as a backup.
  • The form can only be completed after travellers have taken their mandatory 72-hour PCR test and also have all their flight booking details.
  • Upon arrival, travellers are required to present this form, as well as their 72-hour PCR test and their fully vaccinated forms / card at the desk manned by CCMC officials
  • After they have been cleared, the traveller will be required to proceed to the bank counter to pay their visa fees and then proceed with the payment slip to the immigration counter. T
  • The visa application form needs to be filled online prior to travel. If a traveller arrives without completing this application, there are six computer terminals where they can enter their details, and take the slip before proceeding to the bank counter to pay their visa fees.
  • The Visa application process can be found here
Vaccination and other entry requirements

A negative PCR test 72 hours prior to travel is mandatory for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated tourists.

  • The traveller will have to have a hard copy of the PCR test as they will be required to show it to the airline before travelling and again on their arrival in Nepal.
  • The PCR test report should be in English and if possible with a photo of the traveller.
Fully-vaccinated travellers:
  • At least 14-days should have passed since the last dose of vaccination. Thereafter, travellers are free to enter Nepal
  • Proof of hotel is required, fully vaccinated travellers
Unvaccinated or half-vaccinated travellers:
  • If unvaccinated or half-vaccinated (one dose), the traveller will have to spend 10-days in quarantine and on the 11thday will be required to take a PCR test and only if the report is negative will they be allowed to travel.
  • Travellers will have to show proof of hotel accommodation, which needs to be a government recommended hotel for quarantine
  • Travellers will not be provided with a visa on arrival unless they have an authorization letter from the Nepal Tourism Board or the Immigration Department.
  • If they do not have authorisation, they will need to get their visa prior to travel from the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in their country.

✅ The Maldives is open for travel

Visa procedures

Visas are available on arrival and are currently FOC.

Vaccination and other entry requirements

A negative PCR test (taken 96-hours prior to arrival) is mandatory. A printout, in English, is required on arrival. A PCR test is required if moving between resorts during a single stay in the Maldives.

✅ India opens from 15 November 2021 for individual tourists

  • Bubble flights for individual tourists are expected to commence from 15 November 2021 (all the major airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, United, BA are flying to India under this arrangement)
  • Scheduled commercial flights are expected to commence in January 2022
  • Private charters can fly into the country from 15 October 2021 (for group tourism only)
Visa procedures
  • eTourist visas are available online with immediate effect. Paper visas will follow soon.
  • eVisas will be processed and issued by VFS Global or other visa providers in the traveller’s country of residence.
  • Up-to-date visa information can also be found here
Vaccination and other entry requirements

Currently, these only apply to Business Visa holders, JVisas, returning Indian Nationals and OCI cardholders.

  • Pre-Boarding: All travellers should
    • Submit the self-declaration form on the online Air Suvidha portal before the scheduled travel
    • Upload a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report. This test should be conducted within 72hrs prior to undertaking the journey.
    • Each passenger shall also submit a declaration with respect to the authenticity of the report and will be liable for criminal prosecution if found otherwise.

There are currently different rules for travellers from various countries. Some arrivals will require to have an RT-PCR on arrival. We hope this will be standardised once the tourist visas are being issued.

Limited edition experiences

It’s our anniversary

2021 officially marks 30 years of providing your guests with experiences that go beyond the extraordinary.

And, it’s because you have sent your guests to spend their time with us, that we can also celebrate three decades of giving back time; by making an impact on the land, wildlife and communities of Africa, Asia and South America.

What better way to celebrate, and say thank you, than with a special 30-year limited edition itinerary. There’s no time like the “present”

A Project Tiger Expedition

Be part of a once-in-a-lifetime journey as you explore the world of tigers, and discover the profound, sustainable efforts to ensure the future of these iconic big cats.
2 nights Delhi | 1 night Agra | 3 nights Ranthambhore National Park | 1 night Jaipur | 3 nights Kanha National Park | 1 night Kolkata | 3 nights Kaziranga National Park | 1 night Delhi

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary 16-day Limited Edition itinerary that celebrates and acknowledges 30 years of &Beyond leaving our better world a better place, through our Care of the Land, Wildlife and People, that coincides with the epic milestone of the 50th anniversary of Project Tiger in India, one of the world’s most successful conservation programmes. With a focus on tigers, these dynamic predators in the wild that are symbols of strength, courage and dignity, your journey takes you to three iconic national parks set up under this project, Ranthambhore National Park, Kanha National Park, and Kaziranga National Park.  (Ranthambhore and Kahna were two of the original nine Tiger Reserves created in 1973. Kaziranga was added later).

*A USD 1,500 group donation will be going to Tiger Watch, an initiative that fights for the survival of this powerful feline.

Beyond Average Birding


Leaving our world a better place for years

Discover the impact legacy that your travel with &BEYOND is driving. Just as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have been a touchstone for our Vision 2020 group-operation sustainability audits, so they continue to guide and underpin our ambitiously scaled Vision 2030 goals.