Our impact history

The power of three – tripling our impact

Africa has continued to be a proving ground for our Care of the Land, Wildlife and People Impact Model, with 2021 marking 30 years of measured proof points. With sustainability initiatives developing across our Asian and South American operations, our impact is gathering momentum across three continents.

Asia | South America

Our Phinda Story

The dream is born at Phinda

This journey of international impact intent began with our expansion into Asia (2005/2006) and then South America (2015).  While our operations across these continents are a mosaic of different landscapes and cultures, they are united in an ethos of care, driven by our collective intent to leave our world a better place.

&Beyond Asia

In Asia, where our operations span India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Small Group Journeys like our Snow Leopard Expedition, Endangered Eight Impact Journey and A Project Tiger Expedition, have been fundamental to the support of conservation and community initiatives.

Snow Leopard Expedition

The per-guest donations generated by this journey support both the Snow Leopard Conservancy, Leh, and the host community in Ulley.

Founded in 2,000, the Snow Leopard Conservancy is dedicated to the protection of the magnificent but endangered snow leopard across their high mountain habitats spanning 12 countries including India. Their community-based conservation model actively engages local people, who are at the front line in preserving these animals.

Endangered Eight Impact Journey

Each group booking includes a contribution to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC).

The CWRC is situated in India’s north-eastern state of Assam, near Kaziranga National Park. It’s the only facility in the country where orphaned and/or injured wild animals of several species are hand raised, rehabilitated and returned to the wild. Launched in 2002, the centre has cared for an estimated 4,500 animals to date.

A Project Tiger Expedition

Each group booking generates a donation to Tiger Watch Ranthambhore, India.

Tiger Watch is a powerful initiative forged by like-minded individuals that operates on the front line of tiger conservation in the Ranthambhore region. With 50% of tigers occurring outside the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, the Village Wildlife Volunteer recruitment and training programme, is one of their strongest initiatives.

&Beyond South America

In addition to our South American touring operation across Argentina, Ecuador and Peru, Chile is home to our first South American lodge, &Beyond Vira Vira, which is situated in the country’s breathtaking Lake District.

This beautiful lodge was re-opened as an &Beyond property in September 2018, and a culture of eco-awareness is evident at every touch point of the lodge’s operation.

Organic Produce

Bountiful vegetable garden, providing fresh, organic produce for the lodge kitchen

Local Procurement

100% of produce sourced locally, most of it within 15 – 30 km (9 – 18 mi.) of the lodge

Local Employment
  • 97% of staff are Chilean nationals
  • 70% of staff are from nearby Pucón and surrounds
Lodge Training Internships

Nine students have completed three-month internships at the lodge since September 2018

Rain Water Harvesting Project

Solar-driven water collection plant provides irrigation water to the nearby Quelhue community

Reforestation Project

Over 150 indigenous saplings, sourced from the local Quelhue community nursery, planted since September 2018

Wastewater Treatment Plant

100% of the lodge’s grey wastewater is recycled for irrigation purposes

On-site Water Bottling Plant

Approximately 10,000 plastic water bottles are eliminated each year through our on-site water bottling plant

Water Saving

30,000 litres of water saved per year by the elimination of 10,000 plastic water bottles (it takes 3 litres of water to make a one litre plastic water bottle)

Single-use Plastic Elimination

No single-use plastic is used at the lodge, supporting our Group drive to zero plastic

Water Recycling

An active programme on the farm supports the reuse and recycling of organic waste

Annual Sustainability Audit

An internal system of monthly reports against Group impact goals is supported by an annual sustainability audit

With 100% of our produce sourced locally, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint

Limited Edition journey

Explore and make a difference. Jaguar, puma and community highlights: our impact journey into South America.

Long stays, carbon light

The responsible traveller’s answer to the carbon impact of multi-destination travel.

Translocation legacy

In 2016, Tompkins Conservation invited Les Carlisle, &Beyond Alumni and conservation legend, to share his wildlife translocation expertise at an international workshop focused on a bold project to reintroduce jaguar to the immense Iberá Wetlands in Argentina’s Corrientes region.

The real-time legacy happened in January 2021, when the first jaguar were released into the wetlands after an absence of over 70 years.


Leaving our world a better place for years

Discover the impact legacy that your travel with &BEYOND is driving. Just as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have been a touchstone for our Vision 2020 group-operation sustainability audits, so they continue to guide and underpin our ambitiously scaled Vision 2030 goals.