Fish Market in Galle Sri Lanka

Rise with the sun and experience the bustle of a fresh fish market

Galle fish markets

The essence of Galle fish markets

Fresh, delicious fish depends on what the boats have caught and, in Sri Lanka, a wonderful way to experience a real slice of local life is to join the locals buying fish at the local fish markets. The trawlers tie up and the catch is unloaded and taken directly to the first point of sale.

On the eastern edge of Galle, there is a bustling local fish market along the docks within the harbour, which daily receives the freshest maalu (‘fish’ in the local language of Sinhala), direct from the waters of the Indian Ocean. Watch in fascination as locals crowd and haggle over the catch of the day as the glistening fish are offloaded literally in front of you, direct from the deep. Providing a bite-size chunk of the authentic workings of everyday life, this commercial fish market buzzes with activity in the early morning hours. Getting to the market early guarantees that you will see fresh fish arriving.

The fish market offers a wide variety of local fish, including plenty of fresh fish such as tuna, swordfish, gar and snapper.

Close to Galle Fort there is another fish market between the eastern wall and the sea. If you are interested in buying some fresh food to cook during your stay in Galle, this the best place to buy it.

Another local market specialises in farm produce. This is where local farmers bring carts filled with vegetables and fruit and where local Sri Lankans make their daily purchases. The market is a haven for fruit and vegetable lovers and you’ll find interesting South Asian vegetables like ochre, Sri Lankan eggplant, drumstick, snake gourd and banana blossom.

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