Cooking class in Galle

Participate in a delicious Paddy Island cooking class

The essence of a cooking class at Amangalla

Embrace your inner chef on this half-day excursion* that involves shopping at bustling markets for fresh ingredients, cooking up a storm with a local chef and then dining on your very own cuisine.
You will be met by a chef who will give you a fascinating introduction to the region’s array of ingredients at the market. Peruse and choose your fresh produce from the colourful fruit and vegetables including Asiatic pennywort and jackfruit and be enticed by the intoxicating aromas of curry powder, cinnamon, and turmeric. Depart for the bustling fish market and immerse yourself in the beating heart of this seaside town as buyers, sellers, fishermen, tourists and travellers all congregate at the central point in the harbour. With the sparkling sea as your backdrop, decide which fish takes your fancy and then head off to prepare your culinary feast at the Paddy Island kitchen. Learn Sri Lankan cooking techniques and discover family secrets when preparing your flavourful curries, spicy fish balls and sweetened coconut sambal.

*The half-day Paddy Island Experience is only available as part of a package sold to guests staying at Amangalla.

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