Sigiriya Museum

Delve into history at the Sigiriya Museum in the Cultural Triangle

The essence of the Sigiriya Museum

Step back in time and explore the Sigiriya Museum, brimming with cultural, historical and archaeological treasures. The Museum is surrounded by lush forests and shimmering water and as you enter, walk through a brick tunnel and down broad corridors and stairways that are based loosely on summiting the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. View jewels, sculptures, human skeletons and ancient tools and peruse information, photographs and drawings on display. Divided into three sections firstly explore prehistoric Sigiriya, hailing back to the first people who populated the area approximately 10 000 years ago; secondly the prehistoric transition where communities moved to agrarian village settlements and the early Buddhist monastic period and pre Kasyapa period and finally an honouring of King Kasyapa and the revered Golden Age of Sigiriya.

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