Temple monkeys of Polonnaruwa

Seek out and follow troops of macaques and langurs within the Sacred City

The essence of discovering the monkeys of Polonnaruwa

&BEYOND, together with the Primate Research Group can organise privately guided visits following specific monkey troops, while accompanied by one of the group’s researchers. Three species of monkey – the toque macaque, the canopy-dwelling purple-faced leaf monkey (both endemic) and the gray langur can be observed here. Polonnaruwa’s ‘Temple Troop of Toque Macaques’ has been featured in numerous natural history documentaries and is part of one of the world’s longest-running studies on primates. The BBC filmed these troops many times and in 2015 Disney Nature released Monkey Kingdom, a full-length wildlife feature following the adventures of a troop of toque macaques.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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