Textiles Walk through Varanasi

Caress rich textiles and deep brocades

The essence of the Textiles Walk

Embark on an excursion that will ignite a visual and sensory experience as you venture deep into the passageways and narrow lanes of the ancient temple city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras.
Marvel at the intricate movements of the Ansari weavers and sari-makers, who inherited the secrets of these ancient art forms from generations upon generations before them. Believed to have found their origin in the 17th century, these weavers have created celebrated art renowned throughout the world. The traditional artisans of Banaras have weaved textiles and rich lined saris for countless royals, from past centuries to present day.

Discover the detailed handwork fashioned in private homes and courtyards, depicting animated portraits of Hindu deities in various poses and observe the twists and turns of lengths of silk adeptly being woven for fashionware. Wander through the rainbow-coloured lanes of the textile markets of Dal-Mandi and Hadahaa Sarai, famous within the city and home to both Muslim and Hindu artistes. The multifaceted inspiration behind this art form can be found in the breathtaking and colourful landscape of India. The deep, rich colours run through the very roots of the land, permeating every accent from the imposing monuments to the vibrant culture and dress of the residents.

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