Tiger on Safari Game Drive in Ranthambore

Traverse open plains and dense forests in search of the Bengal tiger

Safari game drive

The essence of a Safari game drive

Situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of south eastern Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park promises breathtaking views and wildlife encounters. Renowned as one of the finest reserves in India, the park boasts a wide variety of wildlife, birdlife and flora dotted throughout its extensive grounds. Morning and evening game drives through the park are a veritable feast for the senses, encompassing unbelievable scenery, as well as an orchestra of Indian sounds.

Game drives are led by experienced and trained guides who tailor excursions to suit the preferences of every guest, whether it’s to view a certain animal, learn about the mannerisms of different species and their habitats or simply to enjoy the vast expanse of land and the panoramic surroundings. Guides are always eager and willing to impart their vast knowledge and expertise to interested travellers.

Ranthambore boasts a wide range of habitats, including dense and deciduous forest, as well as a towering fort. The Park is an absolute mosaic of lush, green forests, opaque jade waters and tawny, open plains peppered with bare trees. The scattered battlements and spillovers of the Ranthambore Fort are a sight to behold and are often frequented by predators such as the regal leopard, striped hyena, wily jackal and Indian fox.

Due to the vast water bodies that cover Ranthambore, the park is home to over 272 migratory and native bird species. Massive droves of pelican and rose-ringed parakeet can be found in the shallows and on tree branches, whilst the mighty eagle and falcon soar through the clear skies in search of unaware prey. Marvel at the copper coat of the Bengal tiger, as it seeks refuge from the harsh sun and cools off in nearby rivers, inhabited by stealthy, snub-nosed marsh crocodiles. A glimpse of this beautiful animal in its element is a truly rewarding sight. Listen carefully to the  sounds of the Indian jungle as the elegant spotted chital deer alerts its kin to the presence of any predator. The mahogany brown, wide eyed sambar deer graze the fields with delicate steps. Watch the antics of colonies of langur as they chatter in the treetops. The enigmatic jungle, with its many moods, is sure to mesmerise and delight.

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