Desert Jeep safari

Explore the ruined temples of the Thar Desert near Jodhpur

The essence of a Desert Jeep safari

Set out on a desert safari expedition in the rugged landscape surrounding Jodhpur. Leaving the city early morning, you will be driven an hour and a half west to the ancient city of Osian. This historic city is a veritable oasis within the golden sands of the Thar Desert, and is renowned for being home to several crumbling Brahman and Jain temples dating from the 8th century.

Explore the ruined temple of Mata Mandir, adorned with statues and paintings of Hindu deities in various poses and conquer the vast desertscapes. Drive across shifting sand dunes, forever changing form in accordance with the direction of the wind. Visit local villages where whitewashed buildings set beneath flowing thatch roofs and colourful doors are lined up along beaten dirt roads. Interact with the local people and find out more about their desert culture, religion and traditional way of life. Relish an authentic Indian lunch before returning to Jodhpur.

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