Why visit the Cultural Triangle?

An extraordinary historic quartet of UNESCO World Heritage Sites form the cardinal points of what is known as the Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka.

Travel to the Cultural Triangle

Threading together four esteemed destinations, which include the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura, the extensive ruins of Polonnaruwa, the magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the intriguing Dambulla Cave Temple, these archaeological masterpieces are the highlights of myriad sites, and exquisite wildlife havens that make up this fascinating area.

Steeped in spirituality, mythology and religion, Buddhism in Sri Lanka laid its foundations here. &Beyond has extensive knowledge of these vast landscapes and fascinating terrain and will guide you to numerous obscure and off the beaten track sites that have great significance and value. Delve into the incredible Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks, as well as smaller wildlife-rich parks and forest reserves, such as Hurulu Forest Reserve, that fall within the Cultural Triangle.

Points of Interest in the Cultural Triangle

  • Visit the sacred Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura, and meditate under its leafy branches.
  • Delve into the beauty of Ratna Prasada, an ancient monastery.
  • Explore historic palaces, ruins and sprawling complexes, unearthing an ancient history.
  • Discover fascinating Sigiriya and walk through the landscaped Royal Gardens towards the base of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.
  • Meander through the Sigiriya Museum displaying a vast history and impressive sculptures.
  • Float above the beauty of Sri Lanka in a hot air balloon, and marvel at sweeping landscapes.
  • Delve into peaceful Polonnaruwa, abundant with beautiful temples.
  • Wander around the Royal Palace, from the period of King Parakramabahu I, and view the four Buddha figures at Gal Vihara, cut from one slab of granite.
  • Look at a collection of ruins in the Sacred Quadrangle leading to a sanctum that once housed the Buddha’s tooth.
  • Step into caves steeped in history in Dambulla and marvel at impressive Buddha statues.
  • Delve into the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks and witness the incredible social dynamics of Asian elephants.
  • Traverse the Hurulu Forest Reserve seeking out elephants, other iconic wildlife, and kaleidoscopic birdlife.



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