Frequently asked questions about Colombo

Here are some quick questions answered on Colombo

Frequently asked questions about Colombo:

  • When is the best time to visit Colombo?

The weather and experiences in Colombo are favourable all year round.

  • What languages are spoken in Colombo?

Sinhala, Tamil and English are all officially recognised languages

  • What kind of food can I expect in Colombo?

Colombo has the best selection of restaurants on the island offering an extensive array of western and local cuisine

  • Is Wi-Fi freely available?

Wi-Fi is easily available at all hotels in Colombo and in restaurants and cafés

  • Are banks and ATM’s easily accessible?

Yes, banks and ATM’s are easily accessible in Colombo

  • What kind of weather can I expect in Colombo?

Year-round Min 30°C/86°F Max 33°C/91°F. It is fairly difficult to accurately predict the weather patterns in Sri Lanka given it is an island that receives a range of weather fronts moving in from the Indian Ocean throughout the year. However, here is the general rule of thumb: There are two monsoons which affect Sri Lanka – the South-West Monsoon, or Yala Monsoon affects the south and west coasts from May to September. The Maha, or North-East Monsoon affects the Cultural Triangle and East Coasts from October to January. That said, August is sunny on the south coast and is ideal for a beach break. For the summer, you can easily combine the Cultural Triangle with the East Coast beaches, or even the Maldives.

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