• 16 - 29 OCT 2022

Our impact journey into South America

From pioneering jaguar and puma conservation to our community & sustainability projects

Iberá Wetlands | Patagonia | Lake District






Les Carlisle

Les has been an intrinsic part of the &BEYOND team for 30 years, providing invaluable conservation management across the group.

He was invited by Tompkins Conservation to share his expertise around &BEYOND’S proven large scale, veterinary-supported wildlife translocation model, together with years of learnings on predator release and post-release management protocols. This was the start of a conservation revolution in Argentina to help save the jaguar from extinction.

Your journey at a glance

Immerse yourself in our transformative journey, which traces how &BEYOND exported its 30-year impact model of conservation-led responsible travel from Africa to South America

An unforgettable 14-day impact journey exploring pioneering wildlife conservation projects aimed at protecting jaguars and pumas, followed by an opportunity to discover the community and sustainability projects at &BEYOND Vira Vira, including a locally inspired farm-to-table foodie adventure like no other. You will be hosted throughout by Les Carlisle, &BEYOND’S Group Conservation Legend, who will bring to bear a lifetime of experience as he explains how &BEYOND has exported its Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People to South America.

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Your journey begins with a night in Buenos Aires, whose eclectic and sophisticated atmosphere is underlined by local customs and infused by the proud traditions of football and the sultry tango.

Continue to the magnificent Iberá Natural Reserve, a stunning kaleidoscope of streams, marshes, lagoons, and swamps inhabited by 4,000 plant and animal species, as well as indigenous communities. You will have the opportunity to get first-hand experience and behind-the-scenes knowledge of a pioneering jaguar reintroduction programme that Les Carlisle consulted on and that has been a resounding success. Added to this, search for the maned wolf, pampas deer and learn about the giant otter and anteater projects.

Spend a night in Santiago before being whisked away to Torres Del Paine National Park, famed for its lofty mountains, bright blue icebergs, and golden grasslands. Here, you will track the elusive puma across the vast Patagonian Steppe in the company of one of our carefully selected partners, who share &BEYOND’S impact ethos. This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about Awasi Patagonia’s conservation initiatives, and explore the ultimate terrain for South America’s most elusive big cat.

Your adventure culminates in the spectacular Lake District, a firm favourite of guests travelling to Chile. Clear glacial lakes mirror the frosted tips of dormant volcanoes and the verdant flora of nearby national parks. Get a taste of the culture, and dine on wholesome farm-to-table dishes, each one adding to your unforgettable foodie experience. Engage with the traditional Mapuche people and explore how &BEYOND has enriched and sustained neighbouring communities by implementing its model of responsible travel since taking over the management of the lodge in 2018.

1 night Buenos Aires | 4 nights Iberá Wetlands | 1 night Santiago | 4 nights Patagonia | 3 nights Lake District

*A seat on this journey includes a donation contribution to Fundación Rewilding Argentina

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This unforgettable journey is hosted and departs on a set date. Should you wish to travel on different dates with your own party, please contact one of our dedicated Travel Specialists to plan your adventure.

A taste of what to expect…

Buenos Aires
16 October
  • Welcome to Argentina! Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, an &BEYOND representative will meet you and escort you to your waiting vehicle for the drive to your hotel, Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau.
  • A vibrant, cosmopolitan city, Buenos Aires beckons travellers to indulge in its fine eateries, exceptional shopping experiences and electric nightlife.
  • Argentinians are a proud people who strongly hold onto their many traditions. They are also incredibly accommodating in their hospitality and passionate about their cultural icons, in particular football (or soccer), and the sensual spectacle that is the tango. Food is also a highlight and Argentina’s cuisine is defined by beef, considered by many to be the best in the world.
  • Meet your &BEYOND host, Les Carlisle, who will regale you with stories of a lifetime spent in conservation, contributing towards the rewilding and transformation of wild places across three continents.
Iberá Wetlands
17 October
  • Today your adventure continues in the Iberá Wetlands. You will be collected this morning after breakfast and driven to the airport in good time to board your domestic flight to Posadas.
  • Upon arrival you will be driven to Rincón del Socorro lodge. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink and delicious lunch at the pool.
  • In the afternoon your hosts will tell you about the geographic location, biodiversity and landscapes that makes these wetlands so unique. You will also be introduced to the fascinating history behind the Rewilding Argentina Foundation: Iberá Project.
  • Take a walk around the cattle ranch to soak in the history of the estancia and visit the organic fruit orchard and green garden, where you can learn about compost, planting crops and the pruning process.
  • Enjoy easy companionship over snacks on the deck and fragrant herbal tea from the garden. Look out over the swamp, a great wildlife spot.
  • For your first introduction to the region’s diverse wildlife, visit the enclosure that is home to the red-leg seriema, an endemic predatory terrestrial bird that has all but disappeared in the south of the Wetlands.
  • Go on a captivating night safari walk where your hosts will point out nocturnal wildlife before savouring a wonderful dinner around a blazing campfire.

Jaguar Reintroduction Project

Jaguar reclaim their place in Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands after an absence of over 70 years

Iberá Wetlands
18 October
  • After a delicious breakfast, it’s time to look for the largest canine in South America, the maned wolf. Declared a natural heritage, it is one of many threatened species with which the Foundation works actively. Unfortunately, the population of the maned wolf had been decimated due to a mistaken association with the mythical ‘werewolf’.
  • Set out on a drive through diverse landscapes inhabited by rich wildlife as you travel from Rincón del Socorro to Posada Uguay, an inn inside the rustic Uguay Village.
  • Upon arrival, hop in a kayak for a leisurely paddle on a canal that leads to the third biggest lagoon in Iberá, Fernandez Lagoon. Jump into a bigger boat and sail between floating islands looking for alligator and other resident wildlife.
  • As the sun sets, enjoy drinks at the dock with views of the spectacular Fernandez Lagoon.
  • Relish dinner beneath the starry Corrientes sky, aware of the nocturnal life quietly stirring around you.
Iberá Wetlands
19 October
  • After breakfast, venture out in search of the pampas deer. Today less than 2 000 of these animals are left in Argentina. Since 2009, the Foundation have translocated deer living in pine plantations to protected areas in the grasslands, their natural habitat.
  • Visit a different type of lagoon, 37 km (23 mi.) away from Rincón del Socorro, and explore the Iberá Lagoon and Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, which used to be a town of shellfish gatherers. In 1983, when the provincial reserve was created, its economy migrated to tourism and today it is the pride of the local people, who have learned to conserve and care for their natural heritage.
  • Another boat trip brings you quietly within easy range of the animals that inhabit the lagoon. You may come across caimans, swamp deer and a variety of birdlife.
  • Enjoy refreshing drinks at the local Café de los Pájaros before sailing back.
  • Savour an unforgettable Argentinian Lamb Barbecue, with a buffet of grilled and pickled Socorro’s green garden vegetables.
Iberá Wetlands
20 October
  • After breakfast you will fly to San Alonso Island to visit the Yaguaretés Breeding Center.
  • San Alonso Island is in the heart of the Iberá Wetlands, an old cattle ranch established on a sandy hill that has become a key site for the restoration of this ecosystem.
  • Thanks to the work of Rewilding Argentina, this ambitious reintroduction aimed at bringing back species extinct in Latin America, has turned its attention to that magnificent predator, the jaguar.
  • Listen to Les Carlisle and the scientists of Rewilding Argentina tell the fascinating tale of how the jaguar was brought back to Iberà as you explore the biological station and the breeding centre.
  • Visit Yaguaretés monitoring centre and find out more about the Jaguar Project, before using GPS tracking to attempt to find one of jaguars in their natural habitat.
  • Be captivated by the giant otter project and find out how the giant anteater is monitored using radio telemetry.


Sebastián Di Martino from Rewilding Argentina describes the six-year process that led to the release of the animals, speaking about the threats and the challenges faced, as well as the lessons learned from conservation and translocation projects in Africa.

21 October
  • This morning after breakfast you will be driven to Posadas Airport for your flight to Buenos Aires
  • Upon your arrival you will be driven to the international airport for your flight to Chile
  • Arrive in Santiago, check into the Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Hotel and enjoy an afternoon of rest
22 October
  • After breakfast board your three-hour flight to Punta Arenas, the gateway to Chilean Patagonia.
  • Upon arrival in Punta Arenas, you will be met and taken on a five-hour road trip to the lodge. Enjoy plenty of opportunities to stop and observe flamingos and other birds along the Patagonian Steppes.
  • Awasi Patagonia is situated inside a private reserve neighbouring the Torres del Paine National Park, from where you can enjoy imposing views of the surrounding peaks and Lake Sarmiento.
Torres Del Paine National Park
23 – 25 October
  • You will have three days to discover Patagonian wildlife in the company of puma and naturalist experts.
  • Inhabited by puma, condor, guanacos and many others, Torres del Paine National Park is a sanctuary for wildlife.
  • Awasi Patagonia has created a puma reserve, so as the animals leave the protection of the park, they are able to roam freely and safely in a natural corridor.
  • The Awasi Foundation was created to promote the conservation and safeguarding of these species.
  • Awasi Patagonia is working with neighbouring estancias and leasing sheep farms to show how important it is for pumas to inhabit this terrain alongside other wildlife, at the same time allowing guests the privilege of observing them. Thanks to this incredible conservation initiative, there has been a dramatic increase in the puma presence in the area, as well as in the numbers of Geoffroy’s cat, previously thought to be extinct.
  • The puma population is monitored to ensure their survival and scientists and researchers are discovering the unique behavioural patterns of this species.
  • Puma tracking tours at sunrise or sunset coincide with the time of day when the animals are most active.
Lake District
26 October
  • After breakfast you will be driven to Punta Arenas Airport for your flight to Puerto Montt.
  • Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by an &BEYOND representative, who will drive you to &BEYOND Vira Vira.
  • Enjoy a scenic river excursion, gliding along clear waters toward Villarrica Lake. This experience is best enjoyed on the afternoon of your arrival, as it requires little physical effort and begins on the beautiful Liucura River right in front of the lodge. This tranquil excursion showcases pristine rolling mountains and native forests, whilst allowing you to observe water birds, and even trout and salmon darting through the river below. End with delicious picnic snacks before returning to the lodge.
  • Cuisine plays an important role in the &BEYOND Vira Vira experience. Relish a fusion of Chilean and ancient indigenous recipes, all created with the freshest seasonal ingredients, paired with the perfect wine for each dish.
Lake District
27 October
  • Today is all about food, glorious food, which is locally inspired, sustainable, and wholesome. French-trained executive chef Damián Fernández Dupouy creates multi-course menus showcasing the regional flavours and seasonal specialties of southern Chile.
  • After a delicious breakfast, step into another culture with a fascinating visit to Doña Rosario’s ruka (house) in the local Mapuche community. Embracing traditional ways, watch her roasting organic wheat the way it has been prepared for centuries, and enjoy her delicious home cooked fare. Get active and enjoy a game of Palin – a traditional Mapuche stick and ball game that originated in southern Chile. From here, meet Sandra Rojos and have the opportunity to visit her factory and watch her working the loom.
  • In the late afternoon, enjoy a tour of the organic vegetable garden with Damián, learning about the fruits and vegetables grown here, all bursting with flavour. These bring the farm-to-table concept alive to create the most delicious dishes. Help him pick the very produce he will use to make your dinner.
  • Following which, head across to the ruka, an additional venue with an interactive kitchen, used for private group dining, where Damián will do a cooking demonstration while preparing your dinner.
Lake District
28 October
  • Considered the adventure capital of Chile, the area around Pucón offers myriad outdoor activities, such as rafting, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and fly-fishing. There is, however, far much more to this multi-faceted destination. Among its many natural highlights are bubbling thermal springs and gorgeous national parks. Volcanoes, mountains, and lakes create one of the most beautiful natural sites Chile has to offer, and the ancient Mapuche territories are a wealth of unique traditions and culture.
  • The guides at &BEYOND Vira Vira are passionate about their work, and about the excursions on offer. With some thirty options available, choosing what to do may seem daunting. Expert guides will help you pick and choose a morning activity to remember according to your personal preferences.
  • Activities are centred on nature and adventure, with treks and horseback rides of various durations. There are also explorations of the nearby Villarrica volcano, visiting its labyrinth of tunnels, or even reaching the summit. There are also several cultural activities, aimed at revealing the secrets of the region. There are also more relaxing activities. What better than sitting in a hot pool of thermal spring water, a glass of red wine in hand, and looking out across a backdrop of mountains, forests, and volcanoes?
  • Later that afternoon, enjoy a private tour of the on-site cheese factory (quesería). Local cheese maker Marisol Martinez is renowned for her wholesome, authentic and flavourful cheeses for the exclusive delight of our guests. The ultimate foodie delight, gain insight into the specific ways different cheese, including Parmesan, Gruyère, Blue cheese and Camembert, is produced.
  • Sample these cheeses after the tour in the ruka with a private cheese and wine tasting hosted by our knowledgeable sommelier.
29 October
  • After your breakfast, you will be driven to Temuco Airport for your flight to Santiago.
  • Wave a fond farewell as your incredible impact journey in South America comes to an end.

16 - 29 Oct 2022 | 13 Nights
USD 18,880 per person

Min 8, Max 12 GUESTS

USD 18,880

Single supplement

USD 4,910

What's included
  • Accommodation in the hotels indicated in the program
  • Full board basis (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks) as well as all beverages (except premium wines and spirits) at Rincón del Socorro, Awasi Patagonia and &BEYOND Vira Vira
  • Breakfast at hotel in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile
  • Excursions mentioned in the itinerary and according to the inclusive options available at each property
  • Hosted by Les Carslile, &BEYOND Group Conservation legend
  • Assistance of expert guides on excursions
  • Arrival and departure transfers in each destination
  • Domestic flights in Argentina and Chile, international flight Buenos Aires / Santiago de Chile
  • Airport taxes
  • Luggage - 1 suitcase of 23 kg's and one item of hand luggage, per person
  • Conservation presentations by experts in Iberá and Patagonia
  • Jaguar sighting excursion in Iberá and Pumas in Patagonia
  • A donation contribution to Fundación Rewilding Argentina
What's not included
  • International air tickets and taxes
  • Extra expenses at each property and excursions
  • Champagne, cognacs, fine wines, premium brand spirits and cigars
  • Gratuities for hotel staff, guides and drivers
  • Medical and travel assistance insurance
  • Any item or expense not mentioned in the section "The program includes"
  • Set departure - 16 to 29 Oct 2022
  • A minimum of 8 guests required for this journey to travel
  • Should you wish to travel on different dates with your own party, please contact one of our dedicated Travel Specialists to plan your adventure
Guarantees and Payments:
  • October 15th, 2021: 10% of the total value of the program.
  • December 15th, 2021: 20% to complete the 30% in total.
  • Balance to be paid as a deadline of August 15th, 2022.

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