Iberá Wetlands

Discover the Iberá Wetlands

The Iberá Natural Reserve is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs on the South American continent. It is the largest protected area in Argentina, with 1.3 million hectares of pristine wilderness. Also referred to as Esteros del Iberá, the Ibera Wetlands stays true to its name with a spectacular offering of streams, marshes, lagoons and swamps that cover approximately 14 % of the Corrientes Province.

The wetlands are home to a staggering 4 000 plant and animal species, which make up 30 % of Argentina’s biodiversity. The indigenous communities of the wetlands inhabited the area as early as in the 9th century.

They called the place I–Berá “shining waters.” Here, visitors are introduced to a range of wildlife such as capybaras, various deer species, giant otters and raucous howler monkeys; to name but a few!

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