Andrew van den Broeck

Prior to Andrew’s years as a guide, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, which he studied in Cape Town. Toward the latter part of his studies, Andrew was spending hours on foot exploring Table Mountain National Park, and writing “mostly-realistic-fantasy-stories” of the natural world, and was then coerced by a friend to look into becoming a guide.

Andrew remembers the first time he saw a lion from the doorless driver seat of the game drive vehicle used in his 2010 &Beyond Inkwazi Ranger Training Course – and has since, not forgotten the elation, the fear, and the feeling of knowing that that was exactly where he was meant to be.

After completing the Inkwazi Ranger Training Course, Andrew was welcomed home to the Greater Kruger National Park, specifically the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, where he spent 5 years as a guide. In this time of development, Andrew grew his knowledge, through the acquisition of various guiding qualifications, and quickly became a well versed naturalist and walking safari, and eventually specialist guide.

His affinity to explore the natural world on foot, and readiness to learn from senior guides, trainers, trackers, and anyone who could offer guidance, aided Andrew’s learning and understanding of this environment, and eventually helped him develop into a guide trainer himself.

The role of a Guide Trainer is where Andrew finds himself today, and he now spends the majority of his time influencing &Beyond guides and guests, across East Africa. It is here that he explores with the same enthusiasm he had when he first guided a lion sighting during that Inkwazi Course all those years ago.

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