The journey to become one of our guides

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to join our guiding team? It’s no easy journey!

Would you ever consider quitting your job in order to enrol in a gruelling (both emotionally and physically) survivor boot camp of sorts, even if there was no guarantee of actually making it through the entire course?

Not many of us are such risk-takers, but that’s what the majority of determined young men and women do in order to embark on the challenging, yet truly rewarding, journey of becoming a fully-qualified &Beyond guide. Not only is it a dramatic change of scenery and career, this inspiring journey is also, undoubtedly, a complete change in mindset too. Do you have what it takes?

The industry’s finest guides

Did you know that &Beyond has three ranger training schools? That’s right, we take guiding seriously and it’s no mean feat for these enthusiastic wildlife-lovers to merit the hard-earned reputation of being among the industry’s finest guides. We operate two permanent schools: &Beyond Inkwazi Ranger Training School, which is based on &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa, and &Beyond Mwewe Ranger Training School, which is based at &Beyond Klein’s Camp in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. We also run a mobile ranger training school that moves regularly between our safari lodges and camps in Botswana.

&Beyond rangers come from all walks of life and the reasons behind their career choice differ. Among our almost 200 expert guides, there are friends, couples, siblings and relatives, not to mention two sets of twins, one of them a father and twin sons trio. Men and women, both young and young at heart, have successfully completed this gruelling education, some of them hailing from local Maasai, Shangaan and Zulu communities, while others have joined us from the big cities (and other continents too!).

Some guides have never held a job before, some are boldly stepping away from their current careers, while others are already employed at our &Beyond lodges (from butlers, security guards and trackers, to receptionists and safari hosts) and are looking to further develop their career paths. Some have never driven a car before, some are university graduates while others have never been to school, some support countless family members back in their respective communities and, for some, English is far from being the first language. Yet they have all persevered and taken the initiative to expand their knowledge and enrich their own personal development.

Their individual reasons for becoming an &Beyond guide differ greatly too. Many of our guides grew up spending time in the bush with their families, while others actually discovered &Beyond through the Conservation Lessons that our teams regularly give to the local communities to educate them about the preservation and protection of wildlife. Some guides are on a deeper, more emotional personal journey of soul-searching and self-discovery. However, the one overall driving factor for all aspiring &Beyond guides is an overwhelming passion and respect for wildlife and conservation.

Some rangers’ journeys are short-lived and they eventually leave the bush in order to start a family, whereas many &Beyond guides have created highly successful, long-term guiding careers for themselves. Many of our rangers have gone on to become well-respected ranger trainers (did you know the combined guiding experience of our current ranger training team is an impressive 86 years?), highly specialised private guides, as well as &Beyond Directors. Even our CEO Joss Kent was once a guide, not to mention a Harvard MBA graduate, pilot and Lieutenant in the British Army (how’s that for some CEO envy!).

Do you have what it takes?

We have developed a unique, personalised and inspirational approach to nature guide training for new and experienced guides alike and we are constantly on the lookout for exceptional guides to join our teams. Do you have what we are looking for?

Are you fascinated by wildlife and the natural environment and keen to share this passion with others? Do you have a positive outlook, resilient character and excellent interpersonal skills?

Our training covers the necessary guiding-related topics of fauna/flora, 4×4 driving skills, tracks and signs, night skies, hospitality, effective communication and weapons training and assessment where relevant. This training also takes into account the national guiding legalities and requirements for each country.

Depending on which &Beyond ranger training school you are accepted into (following a rigorous interview process), you will join other hopeful recruits and undergo an intensive six-week course in South Africa, and provided you make it through to graduation, you will then be placed at one of our lodges and will then embark on a second two-month phase of training, which includes several assessments before becoming a fully-qualified &Beyond guide.

Alternatively, if you join our course in Tanzania, you will undergo a much lengthier 3-month training course, ultimately graduating and joining the lodge as a fully-qualified guide already (hence no second phase of training).

Training and employment is for residents of the country in question; only residents or those with existing work permits need apply.



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