A thirst for knowledge

Meet Ladislaus whose passion for wine and thirst for knowledge are helping him to further his career…

They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Cliché though it may sound, this statement really does ring true for so many &Beyonders that are visibly passionate about what they do.

From rangers that are able to ignite passion and childlike excitement from even the most apathetic of guests, to chefs that continually experiment in the kitchens in order to dish up the most irresistible feasts, and housekeepers that meticulously dust every corner and make sure the beds are so cosy you won’t want to get out of them. The one golden thread that weaves its way through the vast majority of the guest feedback we receive is the people at &Beyond and how they enriched the guest experience.

At &Beyond, there is genuine passion, eagerness and dedication in the workplace. Not only that, but there is a hunger to learn and grow, with so many long-time &Beyonders successfully climbing the ranks. From the boma to the boardroom, from porter to general manager, and from ranger to the director, many &Beyonders have taken the initiative to see their roles through new eyes and to take the first step in upskilling, empowering and educating themselves in order to excel in the workplace.

One such &Beyonder is the ever-smiling and always entertaining Ladislaus Kinga who is quickly making a name for himself at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. Relief Camp Manager by day, Ladislaus moonlights as the lodge’s resident wine steward and in his spare time is studying fastidiously to become a qualified sommelier.

When &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge’s brand new wine cellar opened last year, renowned Cape Town winemaker/master/educator Clive Torr joined the team for three weeks to teach them all about wine, viticulture, grape varieties and the fascinating art of wine and food pairing.

Ladislaus took it upon himself to learn everything he possibly could from Clive. They did an intensive four-day class together and on the fifth day, Ladislaus sat for an exam. New to the world of wines, but ever keen to learn more, Ladislaus crammed as much knowledge as he could and without any time to study, he earned an impressive 77% on his exam.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Ladi, as he is affectionately known, in person then you’ll know just how friendly, energetic and amusing he really is. His greatest passion is telling stories. He loves to sit next to the fire in the lodge’s cosy guest areas engaging with guests and telling tales about everything from the lodge’s history and the area’s vibrant culture, to his own upbringing and of course his love of wine.

Ladislaus continues to learn and develop and is even paying it forward by sharing his newfound wine knowledge with his fellow colleague, butler Joachim Joseph so that he too can provide a world-class wine experience for his guests. Curiosity, dedication, focus and teamwork – it’s great to see the passion ignited in these true &Beyonders and their willingness to learn and develop speaks volumes.

Ladislaus’ goal is to become a fully certified Cape Wine Master and the lodge’s official sommelier and we have no doubt he will achieve both with flying colours. Next time you’re at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge ask Ladi to pour you a big glass of wine and let the stories unfold! We guarantee you’ll be entertained.


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