Calchaquí Valley and Cafayate wine trip

Discover ochre-coloured valleys and sip fine wines in the Salta region

The essence of the Calchaquí Valley and Cafayate winery trip

The Salta region lies in the North-West of Argentina and is the perfect base from which to launch excursions into the surrounding Calchaqui valleys and Cafayate wine country. Indulge in a full day tour that celebrates breath-taking scenery and samples world-renowned Torrente’s wines. Travel along Route 68, stretching for 183 kilometres (114 miles) through the hill-bordered Lerma Valley, along with the Río de las Conchas and into the epicentre of the Quebrada de las Conchas canyon, toward Cafayate. Located 190 km (118 miles) from Salta City, Cafayate is home to around 12 000 residents, sits at 1 683 metres (5 522 feet) above sea level, and is lined with colossal ruddy rock edifices. The town is charming and features colonial-style architecture from days gone by.

Amid the awe-inspiring scenery, explore deep gorges, steep, rugged mountains and sweeping rivers before resting to savour a refreshing coffee and light snack at La Viña or Posta de las Cabras. Pass through the dramatic Calchaqui Valley, which a vast system of gorges that has recent fallen under the radar of UNESCO as a possible World Heritage Site. Along the route, stop to marvel at the exceptional rock formations found at Garganta del Diablo, or Devil’s Throat, which traps the sun’s rays in its cavernous gorges, and the Amfiteatro, or Amphitheatre, which invites travellers to marvel at its high chasms and natural auditorium.

End the scenic tour with a sumptuous lunch boasting uniquely Argentine flavours at a local restaurant before heading off on a wine tour through lush vineyards and wood fragranced barrelling facilities. The decadent tour concludes with a wine tasting treat during which travellers can sample a selection of unique wine variations. Imbibe distinct varietals of full-bodied woody malbecs, dark fruit cabernets, smooth textured torrontés, the region’s signature white varietal, and rich mistela, a delectable dessert wine, before heading back to the attractive city of Salta.


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