Nature walks and birdwatching

Trek through Ibera Wetlands and encounter feathered residents

The essence of Nature walks and birdwatching

Iberá is a veritable paradise for animal lovers, boasting over 4 000 animal and plant species on more than 1.3 million hectares (3.2 million acres). It is a complex ecosystem that features four distinct habitats that perfectly coexist. The region is ideal for ornithologists and budding birdwatchers alike, with a host of endangered species that have taken refuge in the open wetlands and surroundings. Travellers ordinarily accompany a guide on tours but solo treks may be enjoyed with the aid of maps and various natural references. Guided nature tours and excursions offer great insight into the avian residents of Iberá, including critical information about their mannerisms, migratory routes, preferred habitats and the real threat upon them as a result of the destruction of the ecosystem.

The best times to savour the surrounds are either in the early mornings or at dusk, when birds can be encountered near their nesting sites. Track animal prints along the open paths and make use of specialised equipment typically used by professional biologists in the field to detect and register recently introduced animals. Revel in the pristine photographic opportunities presented by the colourful landscape and winged residents. Highlights of the tour include opportunities to spot the near extinct yellow cardinal, a dedicated songbird and illuminated beauty, the enigmatic and well hidden black masked finch, the pocket size streamer-tailed tyrants and the ochre-breasted pipit.

Conservation and sustainable practices are actively encouraged in partnership with The Douglas Thompkins Conservation Project. The ambitious venture recovers imperilled wildlife, implements ecological agriculture, supports leading-edge activism and promotes healthy local communities. The experience of walking along the wetlands is both awe-inspiring and humbling, bringing you closer to nature and allowing you to appreciate the critical role these species play in the ecosystem play, as well as the natural responsibility people have to safeguard this natural haven.

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