Boat safari in the Ibera Wetlands

Glide across the Ibera Wetlands in search of wildlife

The essence of the Boat safari

Hop aboard a motorised boat in one of the most important wetlands of South America. Expert bilingual guides are an infinite fountain of information about the region and its captivating inhabitants. Guides effortlessly elaborate on the conservation and sustainable practices needed, and employed, in the largest protected wildlife area of Argentina. Boat rides are best embarked on in the early mornings or late afternoons, before the Argentine sun overwhelms and sends the wildlife inhabitants into hiding. Stand on the deck of the boat as the gentle Argentine air caresses your face and the landscape arrests your eyes with its captivating beauty. As you glide across the still water, you’ll pass by an array of animals and birdlife.

Marvel at the light tan pampas deer as it strolls along the water’s edge, while age-old crocodiles break the surface for a sneaky glimpse, amid the screeches of the raucous howler monkey. As the boat heads deeper into the wetlands, guides often switch off the boat engines and propel the craft with long, 5 metre (16 foot) traditional poles so as to maintain a tranquil atmosphere where animals can continue to amble along unconcerned.

Take in the untouched beauty of the region, which stretches southwest from the city of Ituzaingó to the town of Chavarría. The wetlands boast clear, aquamarine skies that perfectly reflect off the still, deep lagoons and floating viridian islands, marches and swamps that are home to a host of native vegetation, as well as wildlife and birds. Watch in wonder as tawny capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, playfully romp with its young as predators eagerly approach or look skyward for the tiny chajá bird as it screeches across the heavens, easily shadowed by the presence of the grey-tipped heron. End the tour with a decadent mate beverage and tasty delicatessen from the Corrientes.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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