Glacier Perito Moreno Argentina Atlantic Patagonia

Appreciate Argentina’s glacial wonder Glacier Perito Moreno excursion

The essence of the experience

A visit to Patagonia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Glacier Perito Moreno. Thirty kilometres (19 miles) long and 5 kilometres (3 miles) wide, this behemoth ice structure moves up to 2mm a day, with ice breakouts that make for memorable action photography.

On any given day, massive icebergs carve off the glacier’s 60 meter (220 foot) face and crash into the Iceberg Channel with astonishing frequency, causing vast chunks of ice to accelerate fiercely across the landscape. Perched on leading-edge catwalks and overlooks, travellers can gaze on the spectacles and listen to the orchestra created by the rumbling river of ice.